Energy Division-I

[Major Products and Areas]

  • Development and production of LNG
  • Oil and gas trading
  • Oil and gas sales and distribution
  • Alternative energy businesses (solar power, etc.)

Our Strength

Our division participates in global LNG projects in Qatar, Equatorial Guinea, and Papua New Guinea. Marubeni will continue to work on smooth operation of existing LNG projects and participation in new projects. It is also engaged in expanding LNG trade to respond to the increasing global LNG demand.

Marubeni conducts global trade in crude oil, petroleum products, LNG, and LPG by utilizing its trade infrastructure such as terminals and vessels. In our marketing operations, we sell petroleum products and LPG by utilizing our distribution network through Marubeni Energy and other domestic and overseas subsidiaries. Marubeni will continue to provide high-value added services, and expand its business.

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