Metals & Mineral Resources Division

[Major Products and Areas]

  • Development of iron ore, coal, and copper mines
  • Smelting and refining of aluminum
  • Trading of iron ore, coal, ferroalloy, and ferrous raw materials
  • Trading of non-ferrous metals, ingots, and related products

Our Strength

Roy Hill Iron Ore Project in Australia

The Roy Hill Iron Ore Project in which Marubeni holds a 15% stake, is a large-scale project featuring the largest annual production capacity as a single iron mine in the Western Australia’s Pilbara region. With integrated infrastructure including mine, railway and port facilities, and having a capacity of producing 55 million tons per year, the Roy Hill iron ore mine achieves high cost competitiveness. The majority of the high-quality iron ores production volume, are sold to steelmakers in Japan and throughout Asia through long-term sales contracts. Marubeni will contribute to steel industries in Asia by ensuring stable supply of high-quality iron ores.

  • Roy Hill Iron Mine (Australia)
  • Roy Hill Iron Ore Transportation Railway (Australia)
  • Roy Hill Iron Ore Carrier Out-Loading at Port Headland (Australia)

Coal projects in Australia

Marubeni invests in coking coal mines in Australia. The Jellinbah East coal mine and the Lake Vermont coal mine have high cost competitiveness, and shape the core of our coal business. As the largest stakeholder of both mines, we will continue to improve the cost competitiveness of our coal project and realize sustainable profit.

  • Jellinbah East Coal Mine (Australia)
  • Lake Vermont Coal Mine (Australia)
  • Hail Creek Coal Mine (Australia)

Copper mining projects in Chile

Marubeni holds a 30% stake in the Centinela, and the Antucoya copper mine, and 8.75% in Los Pelambres copper mine in Chile. Marubeni operates the mines with one of the world's leading copper producers, Antofagasta PLC. The equity volume of copper ingot from Marubeni’s interest is 150 thousand tons a year (payable copper equivalent), which is a leading amount worth among Japanese companies. Marubeni aims to further improve the asset values by expanding the capacity of the Los Pelambres copper mine, and developing copper deposits surrounding the Centinela copper mine.

  • Centinela Copper Mine (Chile)
  • Antucoya Copper Mine (Chile)
  • Los Pelambres Copper Mine (Chile)

Aluminum smelting project in Canada

Marubeni holds a 13.3% stake of the Alouette Aluminum Smelter in Canada, which has the largest production capacity in North America. The aluminum smelter runs on hydro power and operate with minimal environmental impact, and also succeeds in achieving high cost competitiveness. Plans are under way to expand the annual production capacity and producing high-value-added products. Marubeni will contribute in the aluminum industry, essential for global economic growth.

  • Alouette Smelter (Canada)
  • Alouette Smelter (Canada)

Worldwide trading

Marubeni stations employees around the world, which creates a global network that enables trading in various regions. Marubeni’s global network achieves to utilize its sales and marketing abilities to connect the needs of suppliers and customers. By meeting the market needs, we aim to create new businesses as well as expanding the existing businesses.

  • Copper Concentrate Cargo Handling at Los Pelambres Mine (Chile)
  • Copper Cathodes at Centinela Mine(Chile)
  • Aluminum Ingot at Boyne Smelter (Australia)

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