Business alliance with Kokubu Group, a major food wholesaler in Japan


In October 2015, Marubeni and Kokubu Group, a major food wholesaler, established a business alliance for food wholesale business in the Tokyo Metropolitan area, and for the low-temperature and confectionary wholesale businesses, and food business across Japan. Based on this agreement, Kokubu made 51% investment in the frozen food wholesaler Nacx Nakamura, and 20% in confectionary wholesaler Yamaboshiya, both Marubeni subsidiaries, while Marubeni made 20% investment in Kokubu Shutoken, Kokubu’s core subsidiary, in March 2016. By mutual investment in subsidiary companies, a complementary structure is created to form a strong food wholesale business group.

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Establishment of United Super Markets Holdings


  • Ceremony commemorating the listing of United Super Markets Holdings

In March 2015, Marubeni teamed up with Aeon Co., Ltd., to establish United Super Markets Holdings Inc., to serve as a holding company for three supermarket chain operators: The Maruetsu, Inc.; Kasumi Co., Ltd.; and MaxValu Kanto Co., Ltd. Through this joint venture, the relationship between the Marubeni Group and the Aeon Group will be strengthened to increase procurement and distribution efficiency for both parties. United Super Markets Holdings will operate primarily in the Tokyo metropolitan area, where new consumer needs arise on a daily basis, and in this area it will bolster its product development and food ingredient procurement capabilities in pursuit of higher sales.

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