Grain export facilities in the U.S. west coast integrated

The United States

  • Marubeni’s grain export facilities at Terminal 5 of the Port of Portland

In September 2014, Marubeni contributed its wholly owned Columbia Grain (CGI) export elevator operations at Terminal 5 in the Port of Portland, Oregon, to Kalama Export Company LLC (KEC), a grain exporting joint venture by Marubeni and Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM), located at the Port of Kalama, Washington. KEC was renamed Pacificor, LLC after this transaction, and two export facilities were integrated, which made their operation more efficient and effective.

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Acquisition of equity interests from US Gavilon Holdings, LLC (subsidiary acquisition)

The United States

  • Gavilon's grain elevatorGavilon's grain elevator
  • Gavilon's headquarters buildingGavilon's headquarters building

In July 2013, Marubeni Corporation acquired all of the equity interests from both the grains and fertilizer businesses of Gavilon Holdings, LLC ("Gavilon").
This has allowed Marubeni to establish a collecting system for corn and soybeans, in addition to its strong wheat collection in the United States, which is the largest crop exporter in the world. Based on the line of its assets such as the collection, storage, and export of major crops, Marubeni will aim to maximize its growth in the United States and will be committed to producing more efficient and stable profits.

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Jul. 6. 2013
Jun. 10. 2013
May. 29. 2012

Acquiring 100% ownership of grain export elevator in Brazil


  • Terlogs Terminal Maritimo Ltda.Terlogs Terminal Maritimo Ltda.
  • Port of Sáo Francisco do SulPort of Sáo Francisco do Sul

In November 2011, Marubeni acquired the balance of the shares of Terlogs Terminal Maritimo Ltda. ("Terlogs") which has been operated as a grain export elevator in the port of Brazil. Currently, Marubeni is the only Japanese firm to have 100% ownership of an export terminal for grains in Brazil.
In 2005, Marubeni first acquired 25.5% shares of Terlogs, As Brazil was becoming an important grain supplying country. Furthermore, the grain demand from China & Southeast Asia has been significantly increasing recently, and to keep up supplying grains to those countries, it was urgently needed for Marubeni to strengthen the grain supplying ability from Brazil. After acquiring 100% ownership of Terlogs, Marubeni has upgraded the facilities, improved the efficiency of operations and expanded the trading capacity to conduct the stable and timely export of grains. Marubeni will also develop the inland-procuring system and strengthen both the procurement from Brazil and the supply to nations in demand to enhance Marubeni’s presence with a global grain distribution network.

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