ICT, Logistics & Healthcare Division

[Major Products and Areas]

  • Systems solutions
  • Network solutions
  • Mobile handset sales agents
  • Third-party logistics and international logistics
  • Healthcare & medical business

Our Strength

Wide-range customer base of a general trading company

As a general trading company, our strength is that in addition to the corporate customer base of the Marubeni Group, we also have individual customers, mostly in condominium households. By utilizing this advantage, we will seek to enter new business areas with large growth potential, such as IoT, big data-related services and FinTech.

Comprehensive ICT services adopting advanced technologies

We have a business base for comprehensive ICT services adopting advanced technologies that can meet customer needs from various aspects, such as provision of information communication services like network lines, data centers, and cloud, and creation and proposal of solutions for network systems.

  • 3D measurement system―robotic measurement of a vehicle3D measurement system―robotic measurement of a vehicle (Marubeni Information Systems)
  • 3D printer3D printer (Marubeni Information Systems)
  • SaaS Type Automated System Monitoring and Operating ServiceSaaS Type Automated System Monitoring and Operating Service "Auto-Managed Service" (i2ts)

Offering a variety of mobile-related services

Marubeni has a mobile phone sales network that spans Japan and holds the industry’s top position as a mobile service provider agent. For corporate customers, we provide services such as optimization of communication cost, mobile device installation and management, billing, and security management. We also offer a wide range of mobile solution services such as mobile device repair and maintenance services for manufacturers and various companies.

  • NTT DOCOMO shop in Fukaya, run by MX MobilingNTT DOCOMO shop in Fukaya, run by MX Mobiling
    (Saitama Prefecture)
  • >Expanding SCM* business for used smartphonesExpanding SCM* business for used smartphones
SCM: Supply Chain Management; a management method that streamlines and optimizes the whole business process such as procurement and sales

Optimum logistics solutions

Today, many enterprise leaders face a significant challenge to reduce logistics costs and optimize the supply chain on a global scale. Marubeni provides total solutions to such logistics challenges from planning to operation. We support our customers to develop logistics strategy and improve operation efficiency based on our years of expertise, logistics data, and field surveys.

  • Kobe Logistics CenterKobe Logistics Center which began operations in August 2017 (Hyogo Prefecture)
  • Tsukuba Logistics CenterTsukuba Logistics Center (Ibaragi Prefecture)
  • Nghi Son 2 Thermal Power Station Transit Project (Vietnam)Transportation for Nghi Son 2 Thermal Power Station Project (Vietnam)

Overseas expansion of the healthcare and medical business by utilizing our network as a general trading company

Marubeni is working to create business mainly in the emerging countries, by making full use of the wide network of a general trading company, and expanding Japanese medicine, medical technology, and medical equipment overseas. Marubeni will also try to create new services by utilizing AI.

  • MMC Hospital, where the Central Testing Center is located (Philippines)
  • Clinical Testing Laboratory (Philippines)

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