Cloud service in collaboration with FUJITSU CLOUD TECHNOLOGIES starts, and Marubeni Group’s cloud services are integrated under one brand


On February 1, 2016, Marubeni began sales of the public cloud*1 service “Marubeni Cloud Cloudest powered by NIFCLOUD*2 (“Cloudest”)” under business collaboration with FUJITSU CLOUD TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED. At the same time, Marubeni integrated its subsidiaries' various cloud service into “Marubeni Cloud” as a united brand and provide these services to enterprise customers by utilizing the accumulated expertise and experience of the Marubeni Group.

*1 Public cloud: a category of the cloud computing deployment service in which multiple users share physical resources. Alternatively, with private cloud service, physical resources are provided to specific users for private use.
*2 “Marubeni Cloud Cloudest powered by Nifty Cloud” was renamed “Marubeni Cloud Cloudest powered by NIFCLOUD” in November 1, 2017.

Renewed management in ARTERIA with CVC joining as the new stakeholder


ARTERIA Networks Corporation (“ARTERIA”) is a certified telecommunications carrier (former Type I Telecommunications Carrier license) established in February 2014, through a joint venture between UCOM and Marubeni Access Solutions (“MAS”). By forming a merger with the two companies with different strengths, it enables ARTERIA to strengthen and expand its business platform, integrate and share network facilities, and reinforce and improve technological and human resource capabilities.
With MAS’s core relay channel network and UCOM’s original optical fiber network called Access Line built across Japan, ARTERIA is actively promoting development and proposal of cost-effective services. It also provides one-stop information-communication services such as internet connection, leased circuits, IP-VPN, IP telephone, data center, and related solutions.
In November 2014, CVC Asia Pacific Limited became a new stock owner, and the management structure was reorganized. ARTERIA will improve its management efficiency, and enhance its competitiveness by promoting cloud system for communication infrastructures such as networks and data centers.

Marubeni Information Systems acquires 100% ownership of the data center service company i2ts


On February 1, 2015, Marubeni Information Systems Co., Ltd. (“MSYS”) conducted a third party allocation of new shares, in exchange for all stocks of i2ts, Inc. (“i2ts”), a 100% subsidiary of Marubeni which operates cloud service and data centers, and acquired entire ownership of the company. By integrating its cloud service and data center business with those of i2ts, conducting similar operations within the Marubeni Group, MSYS aims to expand its business scale, as well as provide service with higher quality and greater attentiveness to customer needs by consolidating and optimizing resources, and thereby strengthen its competitiveness. MSYS will also seek differentiation by constructing an advanced operation system such as a hybrid cloud that combines public and private clouds, and by installing automation tools for system operation.

L2 connection with NTT DoCoMo in the MVNO business


Marubeni Wireless Communications Inc. (MMT), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Marubeni, launched L2 connection* in November 2014 with NTT Docomo, which enables formulation of low-price and flexible service menus. The company offers over 500,000 lines to IoT and discount SIM operators, where the market is expected to expand.
Furthermore, we not only sell lines, but also make use of Marubeni Group’s total power and offer integrated IoT services such as wireless devices/lines, cloud, and application development. These include monitoring of location information/shipment status and vehicle operation management, and a pre-detection type video monitoring service TRASCOPE utilizing the combination of wireless, cloud, and AI.

* L2 connection: connection with the switching equipment of telecommunication carriers such as NTT Docomo while owning a part of the infrastructure such as authentication and mobile protocol and terminal exchange.

Mobile Care Technologies Expansion of Used Smart Device SCM Business


  • Mobile Care Technologies Expansion of Used Smart Device SCM Business

In addition to smart device fault diagnosis/repair business as a contractor for the manufacturers, and technical support and device protection plan services for device manufacturers and MVNOs (mobile virtual network operator), Mobile Care Technologies Co. Ltd. is promoting supply chain management (SCM) business such as domestic/international sales and rental/leasing business, by making full use of the functions of a trading company group.
With both the technology/productivity achieved as a device manufacturer, and the trust and domestic/international sales network as a Marubeni Group company, we will continue to expand opportunities for businesses with telecommunication carriers and MVNOs in the relevant field.

Mobile Care Technologies Co., Ltd.  

General logistics company “Marubeni Logistics” established


  • Marubeni Logistics

In April 2015, Marubeni merged the logistics companies Logipartners Inc. and Marubeni Logistics, both wholly owned by Marubeni, and established MARUBENI LOGISTICS CORPORATION (MLOGI), to further strengthen the domestic and international logistics business.
In addition, ASICS Corporation (ASICS) transferred all the stock for its 100% subsidiary ASICS Physical Distribution Corp. (APDC) to Marubeni through MLOGI in October 2015, and APDC was absorbed into MLOGI in October 2016.
Utilizing the experience and knowhow earned through the acquisition of the ASICS logistics business, MLOGI will provide a more efficient system for distribution center operation and transportation/delivery in the lifestyle business area, such as sporting goods and apparel.
At the merger of APDC, the Tsukuba Distribution Center owned by ASICS was bought by MG Leasing Corporation. By renting the distribution center, MLOGI converted logistics assets to an off-balance sheet item.
With a similar scheme, construction of the New Kobe Center in July 2017, and the Tsukuba Distribution Center Second Building in May 2018 are planned.
So we not only handle our client’s logistics needs, but also offer packaged logistics solutions such as taking over logistics subsidiaries or accepting employees.

Marubeni takes charge of ASICS’ domestic operations


Marubeni and ASICS Corporation (“ASICS”) have agreed that Marubeni Logistics ("MLOGI") will carry out ASICS’ domestic operations and transfer all stocks of ASICS Physical Distribution Corp. (“APDC”), a 100%-owned subsidiary of ASICS to MLOGI, a 100%-owned subsidiary of Marubeni, as of October 1, 2015.
MLOGI is rapidly expanding their international and domestic logistics business by acquiring APDC. MLOGI will be able to provide more efficient logistics operations and delivery systems by utilizing hands-on experience and know-how of current APDC employees.
Prior to this transfer agreement, MG Leasing Corporation, an affiliate of Marubeni purchased by Tsukuba Distribution Center, formerly owned by ASICS but utilized by APDC. The logistic assets were able to be off-balanced by MLOGI by using the distribution center.

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Establishment of Marubeni IT Solutions Inc.


  • Marubeni IT Solutions Inc.

Marubeni Information Systems Co., Ltd. ("MSYS"), a wholly owned subsidiary of Marubeni, allocated its system development and maintenance businesses to Marubeni IT Solutions Inc. ("New Co."), which was established on April 1, 2014.
On April 25, 2014, Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. ("NRI") undertook a third-party allocation of new shares for Marubeni IT Solutions so that it could participate in the operations. Consequently, New Co. will be a joint venture company by and among Marubeni (46%), MSYS (34%), and NRI (20%).
In the rapidly changing IT market, which is being driven by the cloud computing environment, Marubeni aims to strengthen its competitiveness in the enterprise IT services sector through this strategic alliance with NRI, which possesses high-end business consulting and IT solution capabilities. Under this new scheme, New Co. will enhance the Marubeni Group's IT systems and will expand its business by offering high-quality and effective services that are fully adapted to the cloud computing era.
Meanwhile, MSYS will continue to play a central role in Marubeni's IT-related businesses by cooperating with Marubeni IT Solutions.

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