Agri-Input Business Division

[Major Products and Areas]

  • Sales of agri-inputs (crop protection products, fertilizers, seeds, Helena-brand products)
  • Subcontracting services for fertilization and crop protection products dispersion
  • Provision of precision agriculture and other technical services
  • Contract crop protection products formulation
  • Fertilizer raw materials (sulfur, sulfuric acid, ammonia)

Our Strength

Global expansion of the agri-input business

Helena Chemical Company is an agri-input sales company, with “People, Products, and Knowledge” as its core assets. It has established a firm position as one of the top sales companies in the industry through a direct sales network with farmers across the U.S. It aims to further evolve by adapting to the ever-changing market environment. Marubeni owns major agri-input retailers in the U.K. and the Netherlands, as well as fertilizer/crop protection products manufacturers and retailers in Japan, Malaysia, and Myanmar, and is globally expanding the agri-input business.

  • Agricultural advice from experts (Mertens)
  • Fertilizer application business

Global trading in the fertilizer raw materials

In the fertilizer raw material area, Marubeni has an advantage in sulfur trading with distribution using dedicated vessels. As for sulfuric acid, we trade not only in Asia but also across the globe, based on long-term stable business relations with the suppliers.

  • Global trading in the fertilizer raw material area
  • Contributing to farming in Myanmar through fertilizer supply and application advice (Marubeni Myanmar Fertilizer)

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