Fertilizer processing and small-package sales of imported fertilizer in Myanmar begins


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Marubeni began fertilizer processing and small-package sales of imported fertilizer in Myanmar.
A fertilizer processing and repackaging plant will be jointly built with a local firm within the Thilawa SEZ (operations to begin in April 2017). Marubeni plans to sell 30,000 tons mainly in the Yangon area during the first fiscal year, and expects annual sales of 150,000 tons across Myanmar by FY 2020.
In addition to the performance in the Japanese market, Marubeni’s fertilizer and agri-input business has U.S. subsidiaries of Helena Chemical, the second largest agri-input retailer in North America, and Gavilon, which handles approximately 7 million tons of fertilizers annually. Thus, Marubeni conducts global business with the main focus in Japan, North America, and Europe.
In Myanmar, improving the income levels of farmers is one of the most important policies. Through fertilizer sales and promotion of verification tests, Marubeni has contributed to improving the productivity of major crops such as rice and corn. By offering Marubeni Group’s accumulated advanced technologies and knowhow, we will continue to contribute to the yield increase for farmers and the development and growth of agriculture in Myanmar.

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Long-term off-take agreement for polypropylene and sulfur in Vietnam


  • Nghi Son Refinery (under construction)

In June 2013, Marubeni Corporation concluded a long-term off-take agreement with the Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochemical Limited Liability Company ("NSRP") for polypropylene and sulfur. These will be produced at the Nghi Son Refinery & Chemical Complex (with operations commencing in 2017). The facility is currently being constructed by four companies: Idemitsu-Kosan Co., Ltd, Mitsui Chemicals, Inc., Kuwait Petroleum International, and PetroVietnam.
Marubeni will off-take a certain portion of the annual production (370,000 MT) of polypropylene for the long-term period to distribute within the Vietnamese domestic market, and export a partial amount overseas. Marubeni is the only non-shareholding company selected to off-take petrochemical products from the Nghi Son Refinery & Chemical Complex. It has been selected for its well-established polypropylene import sales in Vietnam and its record of handling propylene, which is a raw material of polypropylene.
Marubeni will off-take over half of the annual production of sulfur over a long-term period. It will then distribute this domestically in Vietnam, and also export to neighboring countries, where a rapid increase in demand is expected.
Through the conclusion of the off-take agreement, Marubeni is delighted to be able to support and stably operate the first Japanese-owned refinery & chemical complex located outside of Japan. Marubeni is also willing to continue its contribution to the emerging Vietnamese economy to help it further develop.

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Helena Chemical

The United States

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In 1987, Marubeni acquired the American agri-input retailer Helena Chemical Company from Bayer AG in Germany. With an additional capital increase in 2001, Helena Chemical became the second largest retailer in the United States, the largest agricultural power in the world. Sales locations have also increased from 120 to 487.
One of the largest factors contributing to Helena Chemical's growth is its locally oriented business. The sales representatives are conversant with the soil, farming, and legal systems in the regions they cover and provide extensive and detailed services that meet the farmers' specific demands, such as providing what is necessary to increase harvests.
The current changes in dietary habits in developing countries, such as in China, India, African nations, and Brazil, are increasing the demand for grain, and accordingly, needs for fertilizers and agrochemicals are also growing dramatically. Marubeni will further expand its distribution network with Helena’s know-how and cooperate with new partners conversant with agricultural policy in their respective countries.

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