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“Marubeni Scholarship Fund” (Work in 2010)

Looking to the future of Asia, the Marubeni Scholarship Fund

Marubeni is supporting students in Asian countries through a scholarship fund system.

Marubeni’s scholarship fund system covers the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Brazil (South America), Myanmar and other countries.
Among them, the Philippines is where Marubeni first set up a scholorship fund for overseas countries, and 2,300 students have taken their place in society in various fields since its establishment in 1989.
The target of the scholarship fund in the Philippines is vocational training students who wish to obtain technical skills.
We believe that the acquisition of technical knowledge is a key to bringing stability to one’s way of life and fulfilling future dreams, which leads to a country’s progress.
For the sustainable development of societies across the globe, we will carry out activities that suit each country’s circumstances together with the local community.
This is the basic stance of Marubeni’s social contribution program.

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