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“Marubeni Scholarship Fund” (Work in 2017)

Go out into the world.
Let yourself shine.

“I want to become a teacher in the future.
 I also hope to visit Japan and see the beautiful landscape.”

Marubeni supports the dreams and hopes of students in various countries through our scholarship program.

Established in 1989, Marubeni’s scholarship program began in the Philippines, and has expanded to eight countries including Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Brazil, Myanmar, and India. In addition to scholarships, we also provide computers and other necessities to improve the study environment and contribute to quality education.
Acquiring knowledge and skills, we believe, leads not only to a secure life, but also to hope for the future, as well as to the development of the country. For the sustainable growth of the society, we move ahead with the local community through activities that match the country’s situation.
This is the basic stance of Marubeni’s social contribution program.

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