Basic Approach to Corporate Governance

In keeping with the spirit of our Company Creed of “Fairness, Innovation, and Harmony” and the Marubeni Corporate Principles, the executives and employees of the Marubeni Group observe relevant laws and regulations, as well as our own corporate rules. Further enhancing corporate governance, our corporate activities are conducted in line with our Corporate Ethics Code and Management Philosophy.

Marubeni's Company Creed:
“(正)Fairness, (新)Innovation, and (和)Harmony ”Formulated in 1949

Calligraphy by Shinobu Ichikawa, first president of Marubeni Co., Ltd., now Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Management Philosophy(formulated in 2003, revised in 2008)

In accordance with the spirit grounded in “Fairness, Innovation, and Harmony,” the Marubeni Group is proudly committed to social and economic development and safeguarding the global environment by conducting fair and upright corporate activities.

Marubeni Corporate Principles(formulated in 1998)

Marubeni Corporation, as a business enterprise, will actively pursue its business interests through the exercise of fair and lawful competition. As a company, Marubeni will also continue to play its part in the growth of the global economy, while always striving to enrich the society within which it operates. In order to achieve these goals, Marubeni is committed to the following six basic principles of business:

  1. Conduct Fair and Open Business Activities
  2. Develop a Globally Connected Company
  3. Create New Value Through Business Vision
  4. Respect and Encourage Individuality and Originality
  5. Promote Good Corporate Governance
  6. Safeguard Ecological and Cultural Diversity

Basic Internal Control Policy

Marubeni seeks to steadily increase and maximize corporate value through business activities that are in accordance with its Company Creed and Management Philosophy, and to steadily and continuously build and expand the entire Group's business foundation. To this end, Marubeni has established internal control systems, which serve as a rational process to ensure improvement of efficiency of business operations, accurate financial reporting to stakeholders, compliance with applicable laws and regulations, safeguarding of assets, and appropriateness of corporate activities. The Company regularly reviews this internal control system policy based on its structure and operation status to respond to changes in social conditions and the business environment.
In accordance with the Companies Act and its implementation guidelines, Marubeni has established a basic internal control policy which helps to ensure that all business activities are conducted appropriately. Each year, the Company confirms the content and implementation of this policy, and implements improvements when necessary. With regard to the internal control report system mandated under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, the Internal Control Committee conducts evaluations as stipulated in the practical standards. As in the year ended March 31, 2016, we submitted our internal control report for the year ended March 31, 2017, which concluded that “internal control is effective.”

Basic Internal Control Policy (Key Items)

  1. System necessary to ensure that the execution of duties by Directors and employees complies with laws and regulations and the Articles of Incorporation
  2. Systems to preserve and manage information related to the execution of duties by Directors
  3. Internal regulations for the risk management of losses and other related systems
  4. Systems necessary to ensure the efficient execution of duties by Directors
  5. Systems necessary to ensure the appropriateness of operations by the Group
  6. Matters concerning employees assisting the duties of Audit & Supervisory Board Members, and matters concerning the independence of these employees from Directors
  7. Systems for Directors and employees to report to Audit & Supervisory Board Members and other systems for reports to Audit & Supervisory Board Members
  8. Other systems necessary to ensure effective audits by Audit & Supervisory Board Members

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