Directors, Audit & Supervisory Board Members, and Executive Officers

Members of the Board

Chairman of the Board

Teruo Asada

Teruo Asada 

President and CEO

Fumiya Kokubu

Fumiya Kokubu 

Senior Executive Vice Presidents

  • Mitsuru Akiyoshi

    Mitsuru Akiyoshi 

    Chief Executive Officer, Food & Consumer Products Group

  • Shigeru Yamazoe

    Shigeru Yamazoe 

    CSO; Senior Operating Officer, Executive Secretariat; Regional CEO for East Asia;
    Vice Chairman of Investment and Credit Committee

Managing Executive Officers

  • Hikaru Minami

    Hikaru Minami 

    CAO; CIO; Senior Operating Officer, Audit Dept.; Chairman of Compliance Committee;
    Chairman of Internal Control Committee; Chairman of IT Strategy Committee;
    Vice Chairman of Investment and Credit Committee

  • Nobuhiro Yabe

    Nobuhiro Yabe 

    CFO; Chief Operating Officer, Investor Relations and Credit Ratings;
    Chairman of Investment and Credit Committee; Chairman of CSR & Environment Committee;
    Chairman of Disclosure Committee

Independent Directors

  • Takao Kitabata

    Takao Kitabata 

  • Yukiko Kuroda

    Yukiko Kuroda 

  • Kyohei Takahashi

    Kyohei Takahashi 

  • Susumu Fukuda

    Susumu Fukuda 

Audit & Supervisory Board Members

Audit & Supervisory Board Members

  • Masahiro Enoki

    Masahiro Enoki 

  • Kaoru Kuzume

    Kaoru Kuzume 

Independent Audit & Supervisory Board Members

  • Takashi Suetsuna

    Takashi Suetsuna 

  • Yoshizumi Nezu

    Yoshizumi Nezu  

  • Shuichi Yoshikai

    Shuichi Yoshikai

Executive Officers

Senior Managing Executive Officers

  • Kaoru Iwasa

    Chief Executive Officer, Transportation & Industrial Machinery Group

  • Yukihiko Matsumura

    Regional CEO for the Americas; Regional COO for North & Central America;
    President and CEO, Marubeni America Corporation

  • Naoya Iwashita

    Regional CEO for Europe, Africa & CIS; Regional COO for Europe;
    Managing Director and CEO, Marubeni Europe plc

  • Masumi Kakinoki

    Chief Executive Officer, Power Business & Plant Group

  • Ichiro Takahara

    Chief Executive Officer, Energy & Metals Group

Managing Executive Officers

  • Keizo Torii

    Regional CEO for China; President, Marubeni (China) Co., Ltd.

  • Shoji Kuwayama

    Regional CEO for ASEAN & Southwest Asia; Regional COO for ASEAN;
    Managing Director, Marubeni ASEAN Pte. Ltd.

  • Akira Terakawa

    Chief Executive Officer, Chemical & Forest Products Group

  • Mutsumi Ishizuki

    Chief Operating Officer, Metals & Mineral Resources Div.

  • Takeo Kobayashi

    Chief Operating Officer, Forest Products Div.

  • Kazuro Gunji

  • Hajime Kawamura

    Chief Operating Officer, Plant Div.

  • Hirohisa Miyata

    Chief Operating Officer, Power Business Div.

  • Koji Yamazaki

    Chief Operating Officer, Food Products Div.

  • Michael McCarty

    Chief Operating Officer, Agri-Input Business Div.; President and CEO, Helena Chemical Company

  • Toshiaki Ujiie

    Chief Operating Officer, Construction & Industrial Machinery Div.

Executive Officers

  • Noriaki Isa

    Senior Operating Officer for CSO

  • Masashi Hashimoto

    General Manager, Osaka Branch

  • Shinichi Kobayashi

    Regional CEO for Oceania; Managing Director, Marubeni Australia Ltd.

  • Akihiko Sagara

    Chief Operating Officer, Energy Div.

  • Koji Kabumoto

    Chief Operating Officer, ICT, Logistics & Healthcare Div.

  • Takeshi Kumaki

    General Manager, Nagoya Branch

  • Eiji Okada

    Regional CEO for Middle East

  • Soji Sakai

    Senior Operating Officer for ASEAN & Southwest Asia; President, Marubeni Thailand Co., Ltd.;
    General Manager, Bangkok Branch

  • Hisamichi Koga

    Chief Operating Officer, Automotive & Leasing Div.

  • Yoshiaki Mizumoto

    Chief Operating Officer, Grain Div.

  • Yutaka Shimazaki

    General Manager, Executive Secretariat, and Corporate Communications Dept.

  • Minoru Tomita

    Chief Operating Officer, Aerospace & Ship Div.

  • Jun Horie

    Chief Operating Officer, Chemical Products Div.

  • Kenichiro Oikawa

    Chief Operating Officer, Insurance, Finance & Real Estate Business Div.

  • Hidekazu Futai

    Senior Operating Officer, Agri-Input Business Div.

(As of April 1, 2017)

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