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Marubeni Group Sponsors the Iwaki Sunshine Marathon in Fukushima Prefecture

  • The start line

  • Sponsor booths near the finish line

On February 14, 2016, the Marubeni Group sponsored the 7th Iwaki Sunshine Marathon held in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture.

The marathon symbolizes the recovery made by Iwaki City since the Great East Japan Earthquake. This year approximately 12,000 people comprising runners and volunteers participated in the event. Marubeni, which has a deep business association with Iwaki City, sponsored the marathon for the second consecutive time to support recovery.

A total of 52 Marubeni Group members, comprised of 26 volunteers and 26 runners, participated in the event. Marubeni Footwear, the exclusive distributor of outdoor brand MERRELL shoes in Japan, as well as two recipients of donations from Marubeni Foundation, set up booths in the sponsor booth area located near the finish line.

The Marubeni Group continues to dispatch employees to carry out volunteer activities in Shichigahama-machi in Miyagi Prefecture and actively conducts other Great East Japan Earthquake recovery efforts. Sponsorship of the Iwaki Sunshine Marathon is one of the many ways in which the Marubeni Group is contributing to the regional recovery of Fukushima Prefecture.

<What is the Iwaki Sunshine Marathon?>

The Iwaki Sunshine Marathon has been held in Iwaki City in Fukushima Prefecture since 2009. This marathon event has also become a symbol of the recovery of Iwaki City following the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Marubeni Holds Painting Baton Event at Ekiraku Elementary School in Shichigahama-machi, Miyagi Prefecture

A scene from the event

In August 2014, Marubeni and the Kanazawabunko Art Festival Association jointly held a Painting Baton event at Ekiraku Elementary School in Shichigahama-machi, Miyagi Prefecture. Approximately 51 fourth graders participated on the day to paint their hopes and dreams on 1.1 meter-wide strips of white cloth under the Marubeni Spirit element “Possess the willpower to shape the future”. Marubeni Group volunteers also joined in.

<What is Painting Baton?>

Painting Baton was initiated by volunteers comprising art directors, artists, and other members of the Kanazawabunko Art Festival Association after disaster-affected schools requested their help in replacing school flags and banners lost in the tsunami. At each event, children are free to paint on white cloths which are linked together to form “batons”. The first Painting Baton was held at Rikuzentakata Elementary School, and has been added to by kindergarteners and elementary school students from schools across Tokyo and Yokohama. The baton currently measures about 500 meters in length. Painting Baton events will continue to be held with the goal of registering the baton with Guinness World Records in the future.

Marubeni Group Donates Beach Cleaner to Shichigahama-machi, Miyagi Prefecture

In July 2012, the Marubeni Group donated 5 million yen to the Thank You Shichigahama-machi Sea Festival held along the Shichigahama-machi and Shobutahama beaches as part of its ongoing support of Shichigahama-machi, Miyagi Prefecture. In addition, the Marubeni Group donated a beach cleaner worth 10 million yen that collects materials which have washed up on the beach such as rubble, driftwood, glass and metal fragments, and also donated a sound system, a wireless system, a generator for lighting, an observation platform, and other equipment used at the festival. The Marubeni Group also supported the event in 2013.

  • Beach cleaner

  • Sound and radio equipment

Support Activities of Overseas Offices

A collection booth inside a MACMA car showroom

Marubeni America Corporation ("MAC") employees opened their hearts and wallets in response to the devastating tsunami and earthquake in Japan, contributing almost $19,000 towards relief efforts during a special "Jeans Day" event held on March 18, 2011, and through direct donations.

For Jeans Day, all MAC employees who donated to the cause could wear jeans and sneakers to the office to show support and MAC would match their contributions dollar-for-dollar. With MAC's match, the American Red Cross and other organizations, including the Japan Society, received a total of $38,000! This was truly a remarkable outpouring.

Marubeni Auto & Construction Machinery America (MACMA) employees also collected donation money to aid victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami disaster. MACMA members set up collection booths inside of car showrooms to collect the money, which went to the American Red Cross, and also folded and distributed paper cranes; a traditional Japanese gesture of goodwill.

MACMA managed to raise approximately $17,280, which will be allotted to recovery efforts through the American Red Cross.

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