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Marubeni cooperates with NGOs and NPOs in planning and running volunteer activities for employee participation. The goal is to encourage employees to participate in volunteer activities and thereby develop an understanding of what social contribution entails and the need for the Group to make ongoing efforts as a good corporate citizen.

Okutama Forest Thinning Volunteer Experience

Beginning in 2006, Marubeni, in collaboration with Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Environment and non-profit organization ECOK (an environmental learning and research association), is conducting annual forest thinning activities in the Kaminariki Forest Conservation Area in Ome City, Tokyo Prefecture. In 2015, a total of 40 volunteers comprising Marubeni Group employees, their families and friends participated in the 10th annual tree thinning volunteer activity. Since 2006 the combined number of participants has been 430, and the activities have been established as one of the Marubeni Group's participatory type of volunteer activities.

[Forest thinning]
As trees like Japanese cedar and cypress that have been planted for their use as wood but have been left to grow without being maintained, sunlight is unable to reach the undergrowth, allowing for conditions that cause landslides. Forest thinning is the activity of removing the amount of trees in mountainous forests.

Mt. Fuji Clean-up Activities

Since 2009, Marubeni, in collaboration with non-profit organization Fujisan Club, is conducting annual clean-up activities on Mt. Fuji.
On September 5, 2015, approximately 100 volunteers comprising Marubeni Group employees, their families, friends, and others participated in the seventh annual clean-up around the foot of Mt. Fuji. As a result of their efforts, the total amount of trash retrieved weighed a total 950 kg. While conservation issues cannot be solved overnight, Marubeni will continue its efforts as the Marubeni Group going forward.
The aims of this program are considered to be both environmental conservation and international exchange, and Marubeni, as a result of calls made through the Foundation of Corporate Friendship Network for Foreign Students, saw Vietnamese, Chinese and Iranian exchange students participate this year.

Bridge-Wash Scrubbing Operation of Namba Bridge

Marubeni Osaka Branch participated in the Kitahama Station side of the “Namba Bridge (Lion Bridge) Wash” jointly hosted by the Chuo-ward Philanthropy Social Gathering (CFK) and Sakaisuji Amenity Society.
A total 250 local residents and workers from nearby offices participated in the event, including 20 employees and families members from the Marubeni Group.
The event made participants aware of community-based social contribution, while also offering an experience in town development.

Blueberry Gathering

On August 29, 2015, Marubeni held a blueberry gathering event at a farm run by NPO Bunka Gakushu Kyodo Network, in which the social welfare corporation Marubeni Foundation offers grants.
The NPO comes and sells bread at the Tokyo Head Office, Their job training program helps youths who have experienced social withdrawal go back to social life by making and selling bread.
The farm produces various ingredients for the breads such as wheat and sweet potatoes. The harvesting season for blueberries arrived, and the farm wanted some help. On the day, 25 people gathered a total of 110 kg of blueberries.

Adopt-a-Forest - Marubeni no Mori

  • Installation of

On December 3, 2015, Marubeni Osaka Branch together with Group companies in Osaka held a thinning operation of a managed bamboo forest at “Marubeni no Mori” in Kounoyama, Kishiwada City, Osaka. A total of 20 people, including executives and employees from these companies and their families worked to clear the bamboo trees.
Marubeni Osaka Branch is a participating member of Adopt-a-Forest, a project which aims to revive forests that have been left unmanaged and turn them back into broad-leaved forests. In December 2011, the official Marubeni no Mori declaration was signed by Marubeni Osaka Branch and members of the local NPO Kounoyama Conservation Club. This bamboo thinning event was part of this project and conducted under the direction of NPO members.

“Everybody Cut Material” Activity

  • Everybody Cut Material” Activity

Marubeni is a partner of the “Minnade Nuno Chokkin (Everybody Cut Material)” program organized by the specified NPO Caring for Young Refugees (CYR). For 2015, in addition to individuals, six branches and offices including Marubeni America Corporation, and seven group companies, accepted applications from July 10 to September 30, and collected materials for 440 balls and 120 dolls. Marubeni will offer a donation along with the materials, and send them to Cambodia via CYR.

[About “Minnade Nuno Chokkin (Everybody Cut Material)”]
Supporters cut out material for stuffed toys according to the pattern, and send them to Cambodia along with some donations. Instead of sending finished products, by having them manufactured locally, it creates an opportunity for impoverished women to make cash earnings. The program also aims to develop human resources by training teachers with ways to play with the produced toys.

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