Social Welfare

 Community involvement and development

As a member of society, Marubeni actively assists activities for social welfare facilities and organizations through the Marubeni Foundation, a social welfare corporation, and contributes donations to areas that have been devastated by disasters.

Marubeni Foundation

The Marubeni Foundation was established in 1974. In the following year, it started a tradition of providing annual donations of ¥100 million to aid welfare facilities and organizations across Japan, which it has continued. As of the end of 2016, this private foundation has given a total of 2,425 grants totaling ¥4.2 billion in support of a wide range of charity and aid programs.
In 2016, the foundation received grant applications from 563 welfare programs, 64 of which were selected to receive funding. The chosen programs mainly related to purchasing of supplies, equipment for job placement support centers, and special vehicles to transport the elderly and persons with disabilities.
Funding for the grants includes income from investment of contributions from Marubeni, and contributions from the 100 Yen Club, consisting of concerned present and former executives and employees who make fixed monthly donations in multiples of 100 yen, with matching contributions by Marubeni.

Great East Japan Earthquake Recovery Aid
Marubeni Foundation website 

Activity Report

Bread Sales by Two Organizations Subsidized by the Marubeni Foundation

  • Sales at Kaze no Sumika (Home of the Wind) community bakery
  • Sales at Donguri (Acorn) bakery

A traveling bread sales project by two organizations (see the asterisks below), aided by the Marubeni Foundation, is held at the Marubeni Tokyo Head Office. The purpose of the project is to provide opportunities to people who have less contact with society and who wish to gain confidence in work (such as the intellectually disabled and youth who had been socially withdrawn) toward becoming a more integral part of society, all through traveling bread sales. Each time, the employees of Marubeni cooperate as volunteers selling bread and distributing leaflets.

* Kaze no Sumika (Home of the Wind) community bakery
Through the operation of a farm and a bakery, the Kaze no Sumika bakery provides work experience for youths who feel difficulty in working and engaging in society. In 2005, the organization bought dough-rising equipment with a grant from the Marubeni Foundation.

* Donguri (Acorn) bakery
Assists the severely intellectually handicapped who have difficulty doing general work to become self-reliant through the operation of a bakery; in 2006, purchased a light motor vehicle with a grant from the Marubeni Foundation.

Support Toward Social Skill Training

Since 2007 Marubeni has been supporting Social Skill Training (SST), a program hosted by social welfare corporation Osaka Child Welfare Services Association which targets children ranging from third grade junior high school students to third grade high school students who are living in orphanages.
SST is a program that provides the necessary knowledge to prevent children without any immediate family to depend on from being alienated from society and their employers when they leave the care of social services to live independently. A theme-based curriculum is conducted, and specific issues pertaining to everyday life are covered, such as personal health management and the law, warnings about fraudulent business practices, and so on.
In August 2014, Marubeni invited 90 children and 24 staff and volunteers from 38 foster homes outlying Osaka Prefecture, in total 114 people, to the Osaka Branch. Employees gave them a presentation about the social role of Marubeni, a general trading company, along with an explanation of their personal views as members of society.

Employees of MOS Talk at a Seminar for Promoting the Employment of Disabled Persons

  • Ms. Nakasone (right) and Ms. Maeda (center), two of the MOS employees who gave speeches

On August 29, 2013, at a seminar for promoting the employment of persons with disabilities (hosted by Konica Minolta Business Solutions Japan Co., Ltd.), two employees with disabilities at Marubeni Office Support (MOS) gave speeches about episodes of work-related troubles and problem-solving approaches when printing business cards, as well as relating what they are striving for and the importance of teamwork toward overcoming their disabilities.
This seminar—which now marks its 11th anniversary—targeted companies that are considering employing those that are disabled. Many participants showed interest in the talk involving the actual situations of MOS employees at their workplace, such that their speeches were highly evaluated by the 49 attendees from 32 participating companies.

TABLE FOR TWO–A Social Contribution Program

  • The TFT lunch at the cafeteria in the Tokyo Head Office

Tokyo Head Office runs the TABLE FOR TWO (TFT) program at the staff cafeteria.
The TFT program provides a way for we who live in advanced countries with plentiful diets to share our food across time and space with children living in developing countries plagued by famine. When employees purchase a healthy menu item that is part of the program, ¥20 is donated towards school meals for children in developing countries. This amount is roughly equivalent to the cost of one school meal. The TFT program meals are made according to special healthy standards so that the program helps the diners at the cafeteria to stay healthy too.
Marubeni also contributed to the TFT program by matching the donations collected from employees. As a result, purchasing one TFT meal enables the program to supply two school meals. As of the end of November 2015, total donations amounted to approximately ¥3.1 million including the matching contribution from Marubeni. This sum equates to school meals for over 155,000 children.

Ecocap Movement

Marubeni began collecting used plastic bottle caps in December 2010. The collected caps are sold to recycling operations, and proceeds from the sales are donated to purchase vaccines for children living in developing countries. A total of approximately 2,300 kg of caps had been collected as of the end of November 2015. This is equivalent to about 1,150 polio vaccines. These activities have the added benefit of helping to promote employee awareness of social contributions.

Collection of Unsent Postcards and Used Stamps

The Marubeni Group collects unsent postcards (unsent because the sender has made a mistake) and used stamps from employees, and donates them to different organizations. The postcards were donated to CARE International Japan, which supports the independence of women and children in Asia and Africa, while the used stamps were donated to the Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning (JOICFP), which promotes international cooperation for health education as well as maternal and pediatric health in developing countries.

Clothing Donation Campaign

The Marubeni Group runs a campaign to collect unwanted clothing from its employees and their families to assist developing countries and areas struck by disaster. The collected clothing is donated to various places through the Japan Relief Clothing Center (JRCC).

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