Efforts Related to Diversity Management and Work–Life Balance

The target of Marubeni's Diversity Management calls for the creation of a "stronger Marubeni Group in which a diverse range of individuals can play an active role". Marubeni’s efforts to promote diversity management fall in line with this vision.

In its first step towards enhancing diversity management, Marubeni has begun promoting a greater number of opportunities for women in managerial staff positions. At the same time, Marubeni is moving forward with an infrastructure that stresses work-life balance. The underlying aim is to create a work environment in which employees of different backgrounds can produce results.

Greater Number of Opportunities for Women in Managerial Staff Positions

Since 2006, Marubeni has been working hard to recruit more women in managerial staff positions. As of April 1, 2015, there are 300 women in managerial staff positions, equal to 8.8% of all managerial staff, playing an active role in operations in Japan and other countries around the world.

Around 60% of these female employees are over thirty. They are viewed as potential candidates for managerial positions in the future, and are expected to play an even greater role in the years to come. In the year ended March 31, 2015, Marubeni started new programs designed to expand the number of opportunities for women in managerial staff positions. One of these is the "BENInovation Program", which primarily targets young female employees and their immediate managers.

These programs will be coordinated with other staff reinforcement programs measures to strengthen human resources, such as the mandatory overseas work experience program and helping employees in their twenties gain on-the-job experience out in the field. Together, they will pave the way towards the stable development and advancement of women in managerial staff positions.

Measures to Promote Opportunities for Women in Managerial Staff Positions

BENInovation Program

  • "Pre-manager Sessions" for next-generation managers
    Through the sessions, the female employees acknowledge their managerial staff position as future managers, become aware of building their career, and envision a mid to long-term career plan. Also, to create the proposal for “showing spontaneous leadership to solve their own section’s organizational issues,” they will pragmatically learn to extract issues and come up with solutions, while also taking skill training.
  • "Mid-J* Sessions" for fourth-year employees *J = J grade (training period)
    To be more ambitious in developing their career for the remaining part of the training period, employees consider their approach and what they wish to experience, taking into account future life events that may lie ahead.
  • "Boss Sessions" for managers
    These sessions help managers to understand key points as a boss for supporting career developments of female managerial staff, and provide the knowhow for its practice through lectures and workshops.

Female Employee Ratio in Managerial Staff

Measures to Promote Work-Life Balance

Marubeni promotes work-life balance, and aims to create an environment in which both the company and employees work in a way that best fits the respective stage of their careers and lives. At the same time, this environment helps to maximize the mid to long-term "contributions to the company" made by each employee.

In addition to setting up systems more extensive than those specified by law, Marubeni conducts follow-up measures to provide support for employees who use these systems. These measures are implemented in a timely and appropriate manner to achieve a balance between the career development of employees and their life events.

Work-Life Balance at Marubeni

Life Event Support Programs




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