Basic Stance of the Human Resources System

Policies and Approaches

The Marubeni Group views human resources (HR) as its most valuable asset. For this reason, our basic policy for HR systems is to develop a framework that allows employees to utilize their skills and capabilities to the fullest extent and provide an environment in which every employee can create the most value possible by drawing on their strengths. Going forward, we will continue striving to create a stronger Marubeni Group in which a diverse range of individuals plays an active role, and will institute various measures aimed at realizing this vision.

Three-Pronged HR Strategy

To better deal with the changing business environment and diversified business models, Marubeni has established an “HR Strategy Committee” chaired by the CEO (President). The purpose of this committee is to strengthen human resources across the Marubeni Group.
Specifically, Marubeni adopted a three-pronged approach to HR that emphasizes 1) practical experience, 2) assessment and incentives, and 3) training.
In the area of experience, Marubeni adopted a strategy of focusing on young managerial staff, and making overseas work experience in their twenties a requirement. Marubeni also provides them with on-the-job experience. In this way, Marubeni hopes to develop a globally oriented and productive workforce with an on-the-job perception. In order to implement this strategy, Marubeni has a program in place that promotes more dynamic job transfer and rotation plans through a system of assessments and incentives. Marubeni's training strategy, meanwhile, has been reinforced with a focus on group-specific training programs designed by each Business Group or the Corporate Staff Group in order to better meet the on-site needs. Company-wide training programs mainly comprise job-grade-specific programs and special programs for selected personnel.

Utilization of Diverse HR

In the year ended March 31, 2015, Marubeni launched the “BENInovation (BENI Innovation) Program” as a measure designed to further empower female career-track employees. The program is primarily targeted at female managerial positions and their immediate supervisors. We are also promoting work-life management in order to create an environment in which employees from a diverse range of backgrounds are able to generate results.

The action plan was established in response to the promulgation of the Act on Promoting Women’s Empowerment in the Workplace. This plan defines the period leading up to March 31, 2021, as a time for creating foundations for incorporating diversity into decision-making. Going forward, Marubeni will enhance hiring, overseas dispatch, and education activities based on this plan.

Utilization and Promotion of Diverse Human Resources
Greater Number of Opportunities for Women in Managerial Staff Positions
Promotion of Work-Life Management

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