Utilization and Promotion of Diverse Human Resources

Diversity Management

The target of Marubeni's Diversity Management calls for the creation of a "stronger Marubeni Group in which a diverse range of individuals can play an active role". Marubeni’s efforts to promote diversity management fall in line with this vision.
In its first step towards enhancing diversity management, Marubeni has begun promoting a greater number of opportunities for women in managerial staff positions. At the same time, Marubeni is moving forward with an infrastructure that stresses work-life management. The underlying aim is to create a work environment in which employees of different backgrounds can produce results.

Greater Number of Opportunities for Women in Managerial Staff Positions
Promotion of Work-Life Management

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Creating a Supportive Work Environment

Fair Recruiting Activities

Marubeni's basic recruitment policy is to select applicants according to their capability and competence based on a fair recruitment process in which no form of discrimination is tolerated.
For example, we use an “open entry” system that offers equal opportunity regardless of citizenship, place of origin, gender, physical disability, or alma mater. Moreover, the job application form does not ask for details such as place of origin, religion, family situation, or any other information not required for us to determine an applicant's capability and competence. During interviews, we respect each applicant's basic human rights by avoiding inappropriate questions and select employees based only on capability and competence.
To ensure that fair recruiting activities are conducted across the entire Marubeni Group, we have prepared the Marubeni Recruiting Manual, and strive to ensure that our policies are thoroughly understood across Marubeni Group companies.

Opportunities for Senior Employees

In accordance with the revised Elderly Employment Stabilization Act, Marubeni has adopted a continued employment system for employees aged 60 and above. In principle, it covers all employees who wish to continue working after retirement age. In addition, through the Senior Career Matching System, we aim to increase the job mobility of senior employees and ensure that the right person is assigned to the right position, so that competent personnel can be utilized effectively. As of the end of April 1, 2016, 105 employees have been hired under the continued employment system.

Promotion of the Employment of Disabled Persons

In order to promote the employment of persons with disabilities, Marubeni established Marubeni Office Support Corporation, which has been certified as a special-purpose subsidiary* by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare. As of March 31, 2016, Marubeni Corporation and Marubeni Office Support Corporation had 71 employees with disabilities in total.

In March 2016, Marubeni Office Support Corporation was certified by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as a Superior Company for employing persons with disabilities. This certification is awarded to superior companies that actively employ mentally or otherwise challenged individuals, and a total of 21 companies throughout Japan have received this certification.

*Special-purpose subsidiary: a subsidiary that has been certified by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare as satisfying the conditions specified in the Act on Employment Promotion, etc., of Persons with Disabilities. The number of workers with disabilities employed by such a subsidiary may be included in the calculation of the employment rate of disabled persons of the parent company.

Self-Development Support System

Marubeni launched the Self-Development Support Program to improve support for employees wishing to engage in professional development. This support includes financial aid for obtaining qualifications, such as a small and medium enterprise management consultant qualification or a certified public accountant qualification.

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