Employee Data, External Certification/Evaluation

Employee Data

All the indicators of employee data marked with ★ for the year ended March 31, 2017 are assured by an external assurance provider based on the international standard ISAE 3000.
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  Fiscal Year *1
2015 2016 2017
No. of employees (Consolidated) *2 38,830 39,914 39,952
No. of employees (Non-Consolidated) *3 4,379 4,437 4,458
  Of which, Domestic 3,520 3,557 3,560
Overseas 859 880 898
  Percentages of male and female (%) *4 74.1:25.9 73.7:26.3 73.2:26.8
  Average age *4 41.5 41.4 41.4
  Average service years *4 16.7 16.7 16.6
  No. of managerial employees *4 2,389 2,438 2,455
  Of which, general managers or above 220 219 213
Employment rate of persons with disabilities (%) *5 2.17 2.45 2.68
Usage of annual paid leave (%) *4 46.1 48.8 50.4
No. of employees who took maternity leave *6 28 51 45
No. of employees who took childcare leave *7 37 42 47
  Of which, male 10 6 9
No. of employees who took nursing care leave *7 0 0 0
No. of employees who took volunteer leave *4 4 0 1
Lost-time injuries frequency rate *8 0.25 0 0
Occupational illness frequency rate *9 0.12 0 0
No. of occupational accident or incidents leading to injuries or fatalities *9 5 0 4
Fatal occupational accident rate *9 0 0 0
Turnover rate *9 2.8 2.7 3.1
  • *1 For the year ended March 31
  • *2 As of March 31
  • *3 Total figures include the number of Marubeni employees assigned to other companies and exclude secondees to Marubeni Corporation from other companies (as of March 31).
  • *4 Figures for Marubeni Corporation (as of March 31).
  • *5 Figures are the combined total for Marubeni Corporation and the certified special-purpose subsidiary, Marubeni Office Support Corporation (as of March 1).
  • *6 Figures for Marubeni Corporation. Indicates the total number of people who used leave in the fiscal year, including those who used the leave continuously from the previous fiscal year.
  • *7 Figures for Marubeni Corporation. Indicates the total number of people who started using leave in the fiscal year.
  • *8 Figures for Marubeni Corporation. The LTI rate is the frequency rate of occupational injury cases that result in one or more days of employee absence.
  • *9 Figures for Marubeni Corporation.
  • ** The coverage of the employee data is below:
75% to 100%  
50% to 74%  
25% to 49%
0% to 24%  

External Certification/Evaluation

The “Kurumin” Mark

The “Kurumin” Mark

Marubeni has been certified with the “Kurumin” mark since 2008.The mark, which recognizes companies that are actively promoting childcare support, is issued by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare.

Marubeni selected as a Nadeshiko Brand

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) jointly selected Marubeni as a Nadeshiko Brand in 2015 and 2017. Marubeni and 46 other companies were selected in 2017. The Nadeshiko Brand began in FY 2012, with METI and TSE jointly awarding listed companies that showed excellence in promoting women’s empowerment in the workplace. Evaluations are made from two aspects of “promoting women’s career development” and “support in balancing work and family life,” and companies with good financial performance are selected. The awarded companies have “management capabilities for utilizing diversified human resources” and “the ability to adapt to environmental changes,” and therefore can be considered to be a “company with growth potential.”

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Inclusion in Health & Productivity Stock Selection

Marubeni was chosen for inclusion in the Brand of Companies Enhancing Corporate Value through Health and Productivity Management Selection (Health & Productivity Stock Selection). Launched in the year ended March 31, 2015, this joint program by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) recognizes TSE-listed companies that exhibit excellence in strategically practicing Healthcare Management*, thereby making employee health a management issue. Aiming to help employees improve their health, Marubeni has been developing more sophisticated healthcare management systems while simultaneously supporting employees in living more fulfilling social and private lives. It was the recognition of these efforts that resulted in the Company’s inclusion in the Health & Productivity Stock Selection. Going forward, we will continue to invest in employee health to further boost our global competitiveness.

* Healthcare Management is a registered trademark of NPO Workshop for the Management of Health on Company and Employees.

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