Health and Safety

Initiatives for Health Management

Marubeni is committed to the comprehensive health management of its employees and seeks to achieve this with the help of occupational physicians. In addition to the annual regular physical examination given to all employees, those employees who are transferring or returning from overseas and their accompanying family members are also required to have checkups before leaving and upon their return.

Measures for Reducing Overtime Work and Improving Operational Efficiency

The Marubeni Group launched the Marubeni Cool & Smart (MaCS) Work Project in order to strengthen our competitiveness by making all Group companies, organizations, and employees fully aware of the fact that time is a finite resource, thereby encouraging them to pursue even higher levels of efficiency and productivity. The trial period for this project of approximately one year commenced in July 2015, and we are currently introducing no-overtime periods and implementing measures to discourage nighttime overtime and encourage early morning work. Through these efforts, we aim to foster greater awareness with regard to work styles and time usage in order to allow for methods of working that respect the freedom of employees and organizations.

Mental Health Support Measures

Marubeni has introduced various training programs based on the advice of occupational physicians. Specific examples include, organizing lectures on mental health as part of various education and training sessions, the introduction of an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), a type of external employee support program, and distribution of a Mental Health Manual.
An e-learning platform for a mental health self-care training program is available to almost all Marubeni Group companies, in addition to Marubeni.

Support for Overseas Assignees and Their Families

Marubeni has set up training and support programs for employees who are transferring overseas (and their family members) to help make the transition easier.
Marubeni has engaged the services of NPO Seacare and SECOM CO., LTD. that offer assistance for long-distance nursing care to provide further support for overseas assignees.

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