Promotion of Work-Life Management

Promotion of Work-Life Management

Since 2005, Marubeni has gradually expanded our system to levels exceeding legal requirements. In January 2017, we shifted our phase from “support for balance” to “support for success.” In this move, we aim to achieve “continuous career development” and “continuous performance” regardless of the life stage. We also carry out various follow-up measures that allow employees to utilize the specific programs when they need them.

Childcare Support Measures

In addition to handing out the “Pregnancy and Childcare Support Handbook,” interviews are held for employees going on maternity leave and her immediate manager (and the spouse with his immediate manager in case of Marubeni employee). The goal is to ensure a thorough understanding of programs etc., as well as to provide information for entry to the day-care centers for a smooth comeback to the workplace.
There are Marubeni programs that exceed legal requirements, such as the Maternity Leave, Family Support Leave for supporting spouses and other family members as well as children, and flexible shorter hours. There is also the so called Ikumen (active father) Leave that allows part of the childcare leave to be taken as paid leave, aimed at promoting male employees to take childcare leave.

Marubeni Kids Project

Each year Marubeni conducts its "Marubeni Kids Project-Visiting Moms and Dads at Work." This project, which began in the fiscal year that ended in March 2011, makes it possible for the children of employees to visit the workplace of their parents. The purpose of this project is to deepen the children's understanding of their parents' work, while also providing an opportunity for the company, employees, and families to think about how work and life should be.

Expansion of nursing care support programs

Against the backdrop of decreasing birthrate and aging population, fewer siblings, more people remaining single, and more working couples, the problem of nursing care, which used to be mostly solved within the family, is now an issue that business persons should take the initiative to solve. Marubeni has established support programs so that each employee can balance work and care, and play an active role in the medium and long term. Here are the details and features of Marubeni’s programs and measures for balancing work and family care.

  • Family-Care Leave
    At Marubeni, Family-Care Leave can be taken in half-day increments. If the leave is for a short period, no evidence documents are required, and if the employee judges that it is necessary, the leave can be used in the preparation stage for nursing care.
  • System for Efficient Information Gathering
    Busy employees need a support system for efficient information gathering to prepare for family care. Marubeni provides support such as family-care seminars and family-care handbook to help employees gather information that matches their needs.
  • Tailor-Made Support System
    Since each employee facing family care is in a different situation, advice from specialists can be beneficial. Marubeni collaborates with an NPO specializing in family-care support, and employees can seek free advice from professionals any time. In-house private consultations are also held regularly, and families can accompany employees for consultation. With these opportunities, Marubeni provides a consultation system in which employees feel free to seek everything from basic to specialist advice.
  • Family-Care Handbook
  • At the Family-Care Seminar

For a Continuous Career Development

At Marubeni, in addition to gradually expanding our system to levels exceeding the legal requirements, we also promote work-life management. We aim for strong individuals/organizations with high performance that can continuously develop their career regardless of the life stage. With implementation of these measures, the turnover rates in the last three years were 2.8% in FY2014, 2.7% in FY 2015, and 3.1% in FY 2016.

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