Respect for Human Rights

As a global company, Marubeni regards respect for internationally recognized human rights to be an integral aspect of CSR and essential to sound corporate management. In accordance with the spirit of the Marubeni Corporate Principles and the Compliance Manual, Marubeni has supported the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact, while promoting Marubeni Group-wide initiatives aimed at creating a corporate culture in which human rights are respected.

Compliance Manual

The first matter highlighted in Marubeni's Compliance Manual is “respect for human rights and prohibition of any form of discrimination, sexual harassment and workplace bullying.” Here, the notion of human rights includes the fundamental human rights provided for by the Constitution of Japan, the Labor Standards Act, and by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and it also includes human rights prescribed in the International Labor Standards* and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

* The International Labor Standards establish fundamental standards for labor. The standards are comprised of 8 conventions in 4 categories, namely: (1) freedom of association, (2) prohibition of forced labor, (3) prohibition of discrimination in employment, and (4) prohibition of child labor.

The Marubeni Group's Initiatives to Address Human Rights Issues

Human Rights and Discrimination Issues Committee

This committee (established in 1981) is chaired by the Chief Strategy Officer, and its members comprise the general managers of the corporate staff group and business groups, as well as the general managers and deputy general managers of the branches.

Selection of Officers for the Promotion of Fair Recruitment and Human Rights Awareness

At the Tokyo Head Office and three branches, Officers for the Promotion of Fair Recruitment and Human Rights Awareness are nominated and notification of their appointment is made. In this way, the Company has established fair recruitment systems.

Promotion and Training on Human Rights

To establish a corporate culture of respect for human rights, Marubeni holds training seminars for the Company’s executives and employees throughout its organization.
Also, Marubeni continuously engages in awareness activities by updating the intranet with the company’s basic policy on human rights, training materials, etc. Marubeni also regularly holds campaigns to raise awareness of human rights.

Door of Courage

For cases where circumstances warrant counseling and reporting to be carried out outside the regular reporting channels, the Marubeni Group has established the Door of Courage reporting and consultation hotline.


Respect for Employees' Right to Unionize and Bargain Collectively

Marubeni has declared its support for the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact, which calls for the support and practice of universal principles concerning human rights, labor, and other areas. Accordingly, Marubeni respects employees' right to unionize and bargain collectively for the purpose of conducting negotiations between labor and management on working conditions, wage levels, and other matters.

Supply Chain Management

Marubeni has established the Basic Supply Chain CSR Policy, and has incorporated respect for human rights into its guidelines. Marubeni aims to have its suppliers understand this policy and cooperate with it.

Supply Chain Management

Occupational Health and Safety

The Marubeni Group endeavors to preserve healthy work environments by ensuring the health and safety of its workers in the workplace.

<Marubeni Nisshin Feed Co., Ltd.>
Kagoshima Plant Received Health and Safety Encouragement Prize
In July 2011, the Kagoshima Plant of Marubeni Nisshin Feed received an encouragement prize from the Kagoshima Labor Bureau in the Kagoshima Prefectural Health and Safety Contest. The plant was awarded the prize in recognition of achieving no major labor accidents from October 2004 through to June 2011. This was the result of over 100 improvements made each year during this period after implementing a daily safety patrol to identify hidden hazards on site.

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