Message from the Chair of the Sustainability Management Committee

Message from the Chair of the Sustainability Management Committee

Marubeni will promote CSR activities as a means of realizing sustained growth and earning stakeholders’ trust.

Yukihiko Matsumura, Senior Managing Executive Officer, Member of the Board, Chairman of CSR &  Environment Committee

The Marubeni Group believes that sustained growth is a realistic goal which can be achieved. To do this, we must first remain true to the spirit of the Company Creed of “Fairness, Innovation, and Harmony.” In addition, all employees must possess a firm awareness of CSR within their corporate activities. Finally, we must strive to practice sound management that can coexist with the society and the environment.

Based on our stakeholders’ expectations and concerns, and the Marubeni Group’s impact on the environment and society, we have identified the following sustainability issues as having high materiality in line with two themes. We aim to address these material issues.

  1. The Marubeni Group fulfills its responsibility toward the environmental and social impact of its businesses.
  2. The Marubeni Group solves social and environmental issues while strengthening its competitiveness, leading to sustainable growth.

Under the first theme of “responsibility” we have identified and are addressing such material issues as strengthening corporate governance, strengthening internal controls, strengthening compliance, respect for human rights, promoting human resources development, CSR on supply chain management, and promoting social contribution activities.

In recent years, we have become aware of the increased interest of our stakeholders on human rights and labor issues, such as child labor and forced labor. In light of this trend, at Marubeni we formulated the Basic Supply Chain CSR Policy, and we will seek the understanding and cooperation of our business partners to eliminate child labor and forced labor as we actively promote our CSR activities, including those across the entire Marubeni Group supply chain.

Under the second theme of “sustainable growth” we have identified such material issues as developing business that solves social and environmental issues, and contributing toward community development.

Specifically, we will expand our businesses that benefit people around the world. These include businesses for promoting renewable energy efforts, developing and providing a stable supply of mineral resources, maintaining and operating water and sewage systems and seawater desalination facilities, promoting the forest plantation, and providing a stable supply of quality grain. Through these efforts, we aim to contribute to the sustained development of society. We have a new recognition of the expectations for creativity and innovation from Marubeni as a company to work toward solving problems, including global problems that extend beyond the conventional frameworks, like climate change and biodiversity.

The CSR activities of the Group have expanded over the years. The starting point for these activities is the Marubeni Foundation, a social welfare corporation that has been in existence since 1974. The Marubeni Foundation celebrated its 40th anniversary in September 2014. Through this foundation, we provide 100 million yen to social welfare facilities across Japan each year. Through 2016, a total of 4.2 billion yen has been provided to 2,425 social welfare facilities. The foundation is currently the most widely recognized of all of the Marubeni Group’s social contribution activities.

In the midst of drastic changes in the environment and society, the CSR activities of the Marubeni Group must continuously be reevaluated from the perspective of society and of stakeholders, and continue to be improved. We will continue to promote CSR activities and remain a trusted partner of our stakeholders by seriously committing ourselves to finding solutions to the problems recognized by the Marubeni Group.

Nobuhiro Yabe
Managing Executive Officer,
Member of the Board
Chairman of Sustainability Management Committee

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