Marubeni Receives Order for Three GIS Substations in Jakarta from PLN

Aug. 20. 2003
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni has received an order from the state-owned Indonesian power utility company PLN for three 150 KV gas insulated switchgear (GIS) substations (two new constructions and one expansion), including equipment, civil & building works and installation, in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. Marubeni and PLN concluded the agreement on August 1.

The contract is valued at some \3,600 million. The 150 KV GIS equipment will be supplied by Japan AE Power Systems Corporation. Headed by Masakazu Mori and located at 3-8-3 Nishishinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan AE Power Systems is a joint venture that was formed by combining the power transmission and distribution systems operations of Hitachi, Fuji Electric, and Meidensha.

The demand for electric power has soared in Indonesia since 2000. In the Jakarta metropolitan area, where the greatest amount of electricity is consumed in Indonesia, there are concerns that demand for electricity may outstrip supply in or after 2004. The project calls for building substations in three locations in Jakarta to accommodate greater electricity supply capacity from improvement of power generation infrastructure, and thereby contribute to consistent distribution of power to users.

Marubeni has an extensive track record serving the Indonesian electric power market before the economic crisis, including the Muara Tawar combined power plant (1,095 MW) and boilers at Suralaya steam power plant units No. 1 through 7 (3,400 MW). Marubeni is organizing its efforts to cater to the electricity market of the resurging country.

Marubeni has supplied many GIS substations to PLN with the cooperation of Hitachi in the past. This experience helped Marubeni win the order. Marubeni will continue to work in collaboration with Hitachi and Japan AE Power Systems to win additional orders for GIS substations in Indonesia.

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