Global Expansion of High-Security Software for Interactive Image and Data Communications

Sep. 26. 2003
Marubeni Corporation、EZIX Inc.

Marubeni Corporation has formed an affiliation with EZIX Inc., is a venture company for software development in Nagoya, to expand the sales of its communications software both nationally and internationally.

The software enables the real-time interactive communication of moving images and data that uses unique, indecipherable communications protocol based on the compressing and decompressing technologies. Also it features a communication for mutual recognized, reliable network such as those for fixed telephone line, mobile phone line, PHS line, satellite phone line and international telephone line.
As the communication does not involve the Internet environment or any public network, it is possible to maintain a high level of security. By compressing and decompressing data automatically according to the size of the line, the software makes it possible that 100-MB data can be communicated on 64kbps communication line in approximately 30 minutes.

Marubeni and EZIX used to provide moving image transmission and data transmission separately, but recently we have integrated the two systems and developed software with higher added value. We would expect that the software will be used more in areas where data security and confidentiality have priority, such as the police stations, the fire bureaus and medical services. We would also assume that the software will be used as a solution in disaster prevention by local governments and corporations as a means of sending information about the disaster site or as a means of communicating in the event of a disaster.

Since the software operates in a range of communication environments, we anticipate considerable demand overseas in areas such as China, Europe and Africa.
As a part of the project, we will introduce a case study of the software using the PHS network at the PHS MoU International Convention to be held in Sapporo City from October 29 to 31, 2003. In this way, we hope to increase awareness of the software among worldwide telecommunications carriers and encourage them to introduce the software.

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