Yen Credit to Republic of Uzbekistan for Telecommunication Network Expansion Project 2

Feb. 17. 2004
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation has won a contract to supply and install the Wireless Loop Systems in Uzbekistan from the Communication and Information Agency of Uzbekistan as a part of Telecommunication Network Expansion Project 2.
The Japanese government has provided yen-credit for this project through the Japan Bank for International Cooperation to the Republic of Uzbekistan.
This contract became effective on January 22, 2004 and its amount is approximately ¥1 billion. The project will be completed in the end of 2005.

This project will help improve the general telecommunications / broadcasting services, particularly, in the central and western regions (Karakalpak Republic, Bukhara, Khorezm and Navoi region) where telecommunications network have not been well-developed to date, by installing a digital switching system, transmission system, broadcasting system, and wireless local loop system. The implementation will enable the development of landline telephony services across these regions for approximately x number of users. (voice only? What kinds of services will the installation enable?)

The project consists of total 4 packages (packages defined by region / technology type?), and Marubeni won the bid. The wireless network will be supplied and deployed by Lucent Technologies, a leading global provider of next-generation communications networking equipment and services, holding strong leadership positions in Internet networking infrastructure for service providers, optical networking, wireless networks and communications networking support and services.

Marubeni has played as an important role in the Uzbekistan's infrastructure projects, and had won two yen-credit projects, Railway Passenger Transport Improvement Project and Three Local Airports Modernization Project.

Marubeni will continue its efforts to contribute to the development and expansion of the infrastructure in Uzbekistan.

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