Marubeni Wins Major Power Line Installation Project in Qatar

Jul. 6. 2004
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation has won a full turn-key order for the installation of power lines for the Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (Kahramaa) in the State of Qatar. The project, worth around 6.5 billion-yen, will run over 21 months, and will be independently financed by Kahramaa. In September last year, Marubeni was awarded a major contract, worth some 5.8 billion-yen, from Kahramaa, to handle the building of substations and installation of power lines for their Education City project. This new contract is a continuation of this and is the second contract awarded to Marubeni by Kahramaa.

Qatar is moving forward with infrastructure upgrades in preparation for hosting the Doha Asian Games in 2006, and Marubeni is becoming actively involved in related projects. Under the new contract, Marubeni will lay some 236 km of cable as part of the Qatar's power line upgrade project (involving the new construction of Phase-V/substations, the laying of underground cables to connect existing substations, and upgrades to the power grid), to enable Qatar to cope with future power demand during the Asian Games, etc.

Marubeni beat nine other groups including the ABB Group, the NEXANS Group, and other groups from Japan and Europe to win this tender. The success is the result of the fact that Marubeni's bid included subcontracting to LG Cable Ltd. of Korea, and also reflects Marubeni's experience in laying power lines and established reputation for the past work we have carried out in Qatar.

Qatar is emerging with its active policies of liberalization and democratization and has been showing steady economic growth supported by extensive natural gas reserves. It is also further working on developing the country's infrastructure. We would like to remain focused on the infrastructure of Qatar and would like to contribute to the development plans of this country in the future.

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