Marubeni to invest in NxStage Medical

Oct. 7. 2004
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation, together with Marubeni America Corporation, invested $3 million in NxStage Medical, Inc., a U.S. company developing and selling products for the treatment of renal failure. Marubeni Corp. has gained a period of exclusive negotiation rights for the product marketing in Japan.

NxStage's product, the NxStage System One, is FDA cleared and commercially available in the U.S. for both acute and chronic applications. NxStage launched its NxStage System One into the ICU last year and recently expanded its launch into the chronic market. NxStage is also looking to obtain a specific home indication for the System One and has in process an FDA IDE study of chronic home daily dialysis in support of this indication.

In Japan, chronic dialysis patients total to more than 230 thousand and are increasing by 10 thousand each year. Most patients commute to the dialysis center 3 times a week, where the treatment usually takes 4 to 5 hours per visit. Home hemodialysis therapy has been covered by medical reimbursement since April 1998 but the number of patients who are actually getting dialysis treatment at home has remained at only about 100. Many believe that this is because there is no easy-to-use home dialysis system and the training for patients/families takes too long. Because many believe home dialysis gives patients the best chance to regain their daily lives and improve their quality of life, there have been great hopes for a new, easy to use system that could be used at home.

Marubeni believes that NxStage's product will be what the Japanese market has been waiting for. The characteristics of the product are 1.about H39cm×W36cm×D45cm in size, compact and easy to carry, 2.disposables (dialyzer & blood tubing) are put together in an all-in-one cartridge which makes it easy to use/dispose and train patients, 3.maintenance of the system is simple (just send it back), and 4. the system runs on standard household current and requires no water processing. Further information regarding NxStage and the NxStage System One is available at www.nxstage.com.

The Business Incubation Dept. of Marubeni Corp. has been promoting new businesses in the healthcare field, including in the elderly care and medical device markets. Marubeni Corp., together with its Japanese partners, intends to introduce NxStage's system to Japan and build a business model for home hemodialysis therapy, which includes collaboration with dialysis centers and a delivery and support system for home patients.

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