Order Received from Indonesia's Directorate General of Sea Communication, Ministry of Communications, for Repair Work on the Port of Dumai

Dec. 6. 2004
Marubeni Corporation

Nissan Rinkai Corporation and Marubeni have won an order worth about JPY2.8billion for third-stage repair work on the Port of Dumai, to be carried out for Indonesia's Directorate General of Sea Communication, Ministry of Communications (DGSC). A contract was signed on November 26. This project is to be financed entirely by loans, and is scheduled to be completed at the end of December 2006.

Under this contract, the main operations such as the supervision of construction work will be carried out by Nissan Rinkai Construction, while Marubeni, as a member of a consortium of contract parties, will be in charge of the delivery of materials and offer support in commercial activities. Nissan Rinkai Construction's past achievements include participation in a consortium, as a partner of Marubeni, that conducted repair work projects for both Kupang Port and Bitung Port, and, backed by Nissan Rinkai Construction's high level of technical expertise, Marubeni earned the customer's esteem to win the latest order.

The Port of Dumai is located 180 kilometers north of Pakanbaru, the capital of Sumatra's Riau Province. A very large volume of the cargo for this province is handled here, making it one of the most important harbors in Indonesia. Because of an increase in the shipments of palm oil produced in Riau and North Sumatra, the volume of cargo handled at this port has increased drastically, at annual rates well into double figures. Since the port's facilities are insufficient for dealing with this rise in demand, port operations have become inefficient.

Under this contract, land reclamation work, including the widening of the wharf for general cargo (from 400 to 600 meters) and the adding of a berth for palm oil, will be carried out on the open storage zone. This will make it possible to deal with the increase in demand, thereby raising the efficiency of harbor operations and revitalizing the distribution of goods and the regional economy.

DGSC also has plans to conduct repair work on the Port of Tanjung Priok, the largest port in Indonesia; and Marubeni plans to continue working to win orders from DGSC.

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