Announcement of general collaboration agreement between Groupe GLON and Marubeni Corporation

May. 8. 2006
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement of general collaboration with Groupe GLON, one of the top companies of compound feed and livestock product in France, on April 25, 2006.

1.  Summary of the agreement

Range of the agreement is not only compound feed but, from feed materials to livestock product including its highly processed food.

1 Joint work of feed materials

2 Technique of compound feed production

3 Technique of feeding livestock

4 Safety of final product

5 Environmental matter

Livestock production in both Europe and Japan take consideration into environment and safety. But both parties will develop product with more consideration into safety by this agreement. It is first time that Japanese trading house and European company make this kind of agreement.

 Integration of both parties have a lot of similarity. Therefore both parties have reached the agreement recognizing that above wide range collaboration agreement brings mutual merit.

2.  About Groupe GLON

 Groupe GLON is a French general food producing company relating compound feed and livestock established in 1947. Sales amount in 2004 is 1.22 billion Euro, 58% out of 1.22 billion is for compound feed, 33% is for livestock product and 8% is for others. Sanders, one of companies in its group has No.1 share of compound feed in France. The group has 60 companies that relate with agriculture, livestock and food.

The group puts its target into practice in each developing stage, such as improvement of growers’ productivity, development of good taste foods supported by general consumers, consideration into environment with a measure of safety in production, establishment of traceability for human safety, consideration into moral, compliance and earth environment and so on.

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