Commencement of Business Consulting in Shanghai

May. 31. 2006
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter, “Marubeni”) is pleased to announce the opening of a new limited company, Marubeni Business Consulting, M&C (Shanghai) Limited (M&C Shanghai), which will provide consultation for Japanese enterprises in Shanghai and other cities in the east China region.

In March 2006, Marubeni span off the operation of Marubeni Hong Kong & South China Ltd. Consulting Department, and established M&C South China Ltd. As a result of opening its sister company in Shanghai, we are now able to provide specific services for a much larger region of China and are confident this move will accelerate business expansion for numerous Japanese enterprises in the south and east China.

Business contents are as follows -

(1) Membership consulting service
* Consultation for China investment and business operation
* Provide up-to-date information on various aspects of conducting business in China, including the latest China regulations and ordinances translated into Japanese
(2) Provide all kind of solutions for China business
* Undertaking corporate establishment
* Selection of the best proposed site
* Market research
* Partner matching
* Accounting and tax filing procedure
* Consultation for plant import and custom formalities
* Staff searching / personnel labor consultation
* Development of business scheme
(3) Support the opening of operations in the development zone
We are able to support the establishment of operations in China with better conditions and terms through our partnerships in many excellent development zones.

As a major player in the trading field, Marubeni offers sophisticated know-how and fills the gaps between legal codes and actual practices that exist in China. In the south China region, especially Hong Kong, Marubeni was one of the first to establish a consulting business and has been highly recognized for the consistent quality of our service.

By choosing Marubeni as your business consultant, you’ll make an important and strategic decision for your future. Our experience and resources as a global corporation are second to none. Marubeni offers solutions to finance, logistics, insurance, as well as networking and business building capabilities in the east China region, including Shanghai.

At present, over 200 prestigious customers are members of the Marubeni Business Consulting group. In the coming 5 years, our goal is to reach 500 clients for M&C South China Ltd. and M&C Shanghai Ltd.

<New Company Profile>

Company Name:    M&C South China Ltd.
Address:    20th Floor, Tower 1, Admiralty Centre, 18 Harcourt Road, Hong Kong
Capital:    US$400,000
Share Capital:    Marubeni Group 100%
Established:    March 2006
Number of Employees:    5

Company Name:    M&C Shanghai Ltd.
Address:    Room 501, Shanghai Jintai Building, No. 58 Maoming Road, Shanghai, China
Capital:    US$300,000
Share Capital:    Marubeni Group 100%
Established:    May 2006
Number of Employees:    4


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