Acquisition of Freight Railcar Operating Leasing Company in US by Marubeni Corporation

Dec. 4. 2006
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation together with its US affiliate Marubeni America Corporation acquired 100% stake of an Illinois based freight railcar operating leasing company called MIDWEST RAILCAR CORPORATION(MRC).
MRC is a freight railcar operating leasing company established in 1999 who owns around 3000 freight cars. MRC leases to prominent companies such as major railways, grain, food and mining companies.
In addition to leasing business MRC manages railcar assets in variety of ways such as management of railcar assets owned by other institutions, brokerage of freight railcars.

The US transportation industry is characterized as railways being the major means of long distance transportation and with the strong US economy background, the demand of freight cars are growing very rapidly. Also with fact that half of the freight cars operating in the US are under leasing arrangements and  that this tendency is to continue in the future, Marubeni has decided to strategically join in this business field. Marubeni will continue to invest and grow the MRC business quite intensively in a short time to double the size of its asset in order to meet the strong American railway transportation demand.

Marubeni has been known as one of the world strongest and most experienced company in the railway and transportation related business including supply and construction of railway systems. With the acquisition of MRC, Marubeni is now growing its business further to meet all and every kinds of business demands in the railway and transportation field. The growth will be expanded to other international region such as Europe and Asia in the quite near future.

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