New cable installation project by Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation

Jun. 3. 2008
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation has been awarded a new cable installation project by Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA) dated 27th April, 2008 for a total contract value of roughly 13.5 billion yen.
This project comprises one of the packages of the Qatar Power Transmission System Expansion – Phase VIII (EHV Power Cables) Project. This cable installation project will reinforce the electricity transmission network in the northwest area of Doha city. Marubeni Corporation tendered for the project using LS Cable Ltd. (the biggest cable manufacturing company in Korea) for the supply of the transmission cable system and El Sewedy Cables (Egypt) for the supply of distribution cable. The total length of the cable routes is approximately 10km and the total length of cable is approximately 100km.

Marubeni Corporation has worked with Kahramaa since 2003. This latest project is the 5th major electricity infrastructure project that KAHRAMAA has awarded to MC. Other recent notable projects include the GTC/117/2006 project supply power to New Doha International Airport and Ras Abu Aboud Substation and the GTC/124/2006/C and GTC/14/2003 projects which both facilitated major expansions of the Qatar Power Transmission System.

The economy of Qatar is currently booming with surging oil and gas prices facilitating large scale investment in major infrastructure projects across all industrial sectors.

MC has made significant investments in resources and facilities in Qatar in order to deliver the large scale infrastructure projects that it has been awarded in the electricity sector and also the sewerage treatment sector.?MC is keen to build on this investment and experience for the successful delivery of future infrastructure projects in Qatar.

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