Establishment of Marubeni ASEAN Pte. Ltd.

Feb. 25. 2009
Marubeni Corporation

In April 2009, Marubeni Corporation will establish in Singapore Marubeni ASEAN Pte. Ltd. as a regional headquarters company for the ASEAN region. Marubeni ASEAN Pte. Ltd. will be formed from the existing Marubeni Singapore Pte. Ltd., and through the new regional headquarters company Marubeni Corporation will pursue integration of operations across the wide ASEAN region. Marubeni ASEAN Pte. Ltd. will function as the holding company of the corporate subsidiaries in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines as well as a chemical related subsidiary, Marubeni Chemical Asia Pacific.

Until this time, Marubeni Corporation has facilitated operations and integrated product strategy across the various business divisions and overseas offices in ASEAN through the Regional CEO for ASEAN, who was the leading business promoter for the ASEAN 10 countries. Going forward, business activities are expected to increase not only among ASEAN countries on the back of the continuing economic consolidation in ASEAN, but also between ASEAN and China and ASEAN and India. In addition, with the ongoing liberalization of trade in goods and services, investment and movement of persons, Marubeni Corporation must continue to promote its business activities in the region across all national boundaries.

Marubeni ASEAN Pte. Ltd., at the center of Marubeni’s corporate subsidiaries in the ASEAN region, will expand its business activities and strengthen its strategic planning and administration functions, human resources development and internal control system with the aim of further advancing growth of Marubeni’s business in the region.

<Company Profile>
Name : Marubeni ASEAN Pte. Ltd. (provisional)
Location : Singapore
President and CEO : Chihiro Shikama (serving concurrently as Regional CEO for ASEAN)
Capital : 7.8 billion yen
Shareholder : Marubeni Corporation 100%
Foundation : April 2009

<Countries under Regional CEO for ASEAN>
ASEAN 10 countries (Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar)

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