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Marubeni Office Support Corp.

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Office related services (payroll, creating business cards, book binding, and postal services), Massage room operation and General Administrations.

Disabled people perform business activities using their various unique qualities and by joining forces

  • Yuji Kobayashi, President and CEO, Member of the Board *

Marubeni Office Support (MOS) was established as a consolidated subsidiaries of human resorce department in November 2008 in order to expand employment opportunities for disabled people.

Marubeni had been meeting the challenge of increasing employment for disabled people, but opportunities for providing employment in the regular office environment were limited. In response, MOS was established as a subsidiary owned wholly by Marubeni, to give special consideration to the employment of disabled people. It was certified as a Special Subsidiary Company (*1) in accordance with Japanese handicapped persons’ employment act in February 2009.

Currently, a total of 16 disabled people with physical impairments (auditory, visual, and orthopedic), as well as with mild mental disorders, offer administrative services, such as massage, business card printing, and payroll calculation at the Marubeni HQ building by supporting each other.

As an operational company within the scope of the Human Resources Dept. their work is mainly related to human resources and Marubeni personnel management.

The strength of MOS in one word is “diversity (*2)”.By understanding that the disability of an individual is a unique quality, MOS believes it is most important to develop an individual's strengths and to accept and help one another.Based on this understanding, we offer services of the highest quality and aim to be a self sustaining company that can contribute to the Marubeni Group.

  • The latest digital printer was installed to create business cards and also handle urgent orders.

MOS's massage room, one of the pillars of MOS's business since its establishment, is used by 4,300 people annually (total number) and contributes to the physical management of group employees.Also, MOS started a business card printing operation for the Marubeni Group during the previous fiscal year and the business has grown dramatically and prints over 100 boxes a day during peak periods in March.

  • Staff members of MOS
  • *1 Special Subsidiary Company System
    When a business proprietor establishes a subsidiary with special consideration towards employment for disabled people, workers employed by such a subsidiary, under certain required conditions, are to be regarded as employed by the parent company.
  • *2 Diversity
    Diversification of employment formats such as equal opportunities in employment.

Marubeni Office Support Corp.

November 2008
Head Office
13F, 4-2, Ohtemachi 1-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8088, Japan
Number of Employees
19 People Excluding non-executive directors (including 17 disabled people as of April 2013)
Paid-in Capital
Marubeni Group's Investment Ratio
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