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Marubeni Energy Corporation

Business content

Domestic sales, export, and import of petroleum products

  • Wholesale business
    Conduct business with dealers and customers, such as bus operators and transporters
  • Service station business
    Retail business, total management systems, automotive maintenance workshops, proprietary brand
    chemicals, card systems, effective use of idle facilities
  • Industrial energy business
    Industrial fuels, marine bunker fuels, asphalt, lubricant oils
  • New businesses
    LNG (liquefied natural gas), biomass fuel

Major trading company of petroleum products in Japan, founded in 1976

  • President Tetsuya Takeshita
    Tetsuya Takeshita, President *

Marubeni Energy Corporation is a comprehensive energy trading company that undertakes the domestic sales, export, and import of petroleum products. Marubeni Oil Corporation, the predecessor of Marubeni Energy Corporation, was founded in 1976 as a fully owned subsidiary of Marubeni Corporation. The company took over the marine fuel and lubricating oil trading business from Marubeni Corporation in 1980, and then the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) department operation in 1985. That same year the company changed its trade name to Marubeni Energy Corporation. In 2004, the company split off the operations of the LPG department, which were then taken over by the newly-established Marubeni Gas Energy Corporation. At that time Showa Shell Sekiyu K.K. also acquired capital in Marubeni Energy, helping to build a more stable business base in the energy industry.

Working together with companies in the group to ensure a stable supply of petroleum products across the country

Marubeni Energy considers the service station (SS) business to be one of the most important parts of its enterprise strategy. It has a total of more than 600 service stations across Japan, including dealership’s stations and other stations owned and operated by SS operation companies, such as Marubeni Energy's fully owned subsidiary Marunen Corporation. Wholesale operations aimed at these stations and retail sales are supported by Marubeni Energy’s strong distribution network, which has oil tanks in six cities - Hakodate, Chiba, Nanao, Nagoya, Sakai, and Moji. The combined oil storage capacity of the entire Marubeni Group is top class for a trading company. Working in cooperation with Marubeni Ennex Corporation, an operating company which specializes in energy distribution, Marubeni Energy has established an infrastructure network which ensures the stable supply of petroleum products.

Four business pillars of Marubeni Energy that support its efforts as a general energy trading company to support the future of industry and people's lives

Four business pillars of Marubeni Energy that support its efforts as a comprehensive energy trading company
to support the future of industry and people's lives

Marubeni Energy’s stable supply system across the country is also used to support the industrial energy business. The company handles all types of petroleum products, such as industrial fuels like heavy oil for power plants and boilers, marine bunker fuels, lubricant oils, and even imported asphalt. Taking advantage of its supply system, Marubeni Energy ensures that these products smoothly reach customers all over Japan.

Expanding service station business

  • More than 600 service stations throughout Japan
    More than 600 service stations throughout Japan
  • Focus on the sales of proprietary chemical products
    Focus on the sales of proprietary chemical products

Marubeni Energy also supplies non-petroleum energy, such as LNG. At this time, the primary focus of the growth strategy is to strengthen the sales of petroleum products, with a special emphasis on expanding the service station business. The declining population has led to a mild downturn in the overall demand for oil. As a result of this trend, the SS industry is undergoing a form of realignment as service stations are closed or combined with other stations. In spite of these developments, the spread of electric vehicles (EV) is not progressing as fast as originally anticipated, prompting government institutes to maintain that “oil will remain an important energy source”. Marubeni Energy will continue to working aggressively to build a stronger sales group and expand its network.

However, in recent years the profit margins for gasoline have been falling. In spite of the increase in crude oil prices due to instability in the Middle East, as well as rising procurement costs due to the depreciation of the yen, the industry has had a difficult time adding these cost increases to the selling price. For this reason, the sales of related “non-oil” merchandise and services are becoming more and more important for service stations each year. Marubeni Energy has developed chemical products to meet this growing need, such as a proprietary brand of fuel additives, carwash-related products and other products for professional use, as well as card systems like the Benix credit card. The company operates a wide variety of businesses to support service stations, as well as a total management system for service stations and an inspection/maintenance business that takes advantage of the automotive maintenance workshops at service stations.

The company’s greatest strengths - Talents of a dependable and large work force

  • Marunen Corporation’s Self Osato SS
    Marunen Corporation’s Self Osato SS

The business of selling petroleum products is extremely competitive. The products are essentially the same, and the country from which the oil comes and the methods used to refine it have little bearing on differences in quality. The difference-maker in this business is the available work force. The greatest advantage of the Marubeni Energy group is its dependable and large work force at sales sites. In 2013, Marubeni Energy’s subsidiary, Marunen Corporation’s Self Osato SS in Yamanashi Prefecture, won the championship in the sales expansion contest for non-oil merchandise and services. Hosted by JX Nippon Oil & Energy Trading Corporation, this competition featured a large number of excellent service stations from all across the country. All the staff members at Marubeni Energy group service stations receive proper training to instill excellent service skills.

The energy industry is expected to experience rapid changes in the future. In the midst of these changes, Marubeni Energy will continue to build upon its firm business base and philosophy, working to carry out its mission of supplying society with the sources of energy it needs.

Marubeni Energy Corporation

Incorporated June 22, 1976 (Started operation on August 1st)
Head Office 2-2 Kanda Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
TEL 81-3-3293-4401
Number of Employees 190 (as of April 2014)
Paid-in Capital 2350 million yen
Marubeni Group’s Investment Ratio 66.6%

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