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  • 3PL (Third-party Logistics), international combined transport operation (NVOCC), ocean & air freight forwarding
  • Air transport agent, general motor truck transportation, consigned freight forwarding
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  • Sale of logistic systems and goods management systems
  • Warehousing, management and leasing of real estate

Realizing strategic logistics from the customer’s management viewpoint

  • Atsushi Shimizu President & CEO
    Atsushi Shimizu
    President & CEO *

In April 2015, the MARUBENI LOGISTICS CORPORATION was established through the merger of Logipartners Inc. engaged in domestic 3PL, and the former Marubeni Logistics Corporation (Marubeni’s 100% subsidiary) dealing with international logistics.

As the world economy enters a turbulent era, customer’s needs diversify, competition intensifies with globalization, and the corporate environment faces a great transition period. Under such circumstances, as domestic manufacturers and logistic companies actively advance into overseas markets, on top of international transportation, the need for logistics with added value—cross-border logistic service including third-country trading, sales order management, procurement management, and distribution processing—is increasing.

Our advantage is the engineering functions that the former two companies had developed in international logistics and domestic 3PL operations, respectively, and the trading company’s network and the comprehensive solution function that integrates products and logistics services. By making good use of our strengths, we will build the optimal supply chain for our customers through a management perspective, and aim to become a trusted business partner in logistics.


Making full use of our trading-corporation logistics networks to proactively support business expansion both in Japan and abroad

Our company is particularly characterized by having know-how developed through a domestic 3PL business, an international forwarding business network, and a company group customs clearance function.

For example, in the restructuring process of domestic logistics, we demonstrate our planning and design capability based on high-quality analysis. With a bird’s-eye view of the whole supply chain, our specialists extract problems and focus on points to be improved in the current logistics, and optimize the customer’s logistics by introducing a self-operated logistics center or communal use of systems and facilities.

To meet the international logistics needs of the customer seeking production and sales bases abroad, we take an in-depth look at overseas markets. With our decades of management know-how accumulated as a member of the general trading company, Marubeni Group, and by making the maximum use of every type of land, sea and air transportation, and our extensive domestic and foreign network, we support dynamic and borderless business expansion.

We will maximize the advantages of 3PL introduction to our customers by offering borderless solutions for any logistics scale or territories, import or export, or tripartite trading.

[Domestic logistics]

We first analyze the present state of the customer’s logistics to extract problems, and then plan, design, and propose the optimum logistics network. When products are delivered upstream (manufacturers, production centers), midstream (wholesale), or downstream (retail, mail order), it is a matter of course to examine efficient schemes for each stream of logistics; but with regard to logistics efficiency, for a single company, there is naturally a limit to the degree of improvement it can achieve on its own.

From a third party position, we often propose the concept of communal use to companies in the same field or adhering to similar processes that share the need to improve logistics; through such means as joint delivery, better use of a logistic center, and standardized systems, communal use offers a host of benefits to all the participants.

[International logistics]

We undertake international forwarding operations including customs clearance procedure, and comprehensively support the customer’s business.

Especially in recent years, customers are increasingly shifting their production bases and consumer targets overseas, making 3PL absolutely essential for ensuring smooth import/export and tripartite trading across national borders. Our company offers customers bespoke optimum logistics solutions by making maximum use of being a trading-corporation type logistics company, and the advantages of combining an overseas network, international forwarding and customs clearance functions.

In addition, for those customers who expect new business opportunities in the process of overseas rollout, or who are planning expansion of overseas business in the future, by applying our know-how and schemes developed as a Marubeni Group member, we support overseas rollout and business expansion.

Aiming at continuous growth to maximize the advantages of introducing 3PL

With this merger, MARUBENI LOGISTICS CORPORATION will make better use of its past experience and know-how, and design, configure, and provide optimum logistics solutions along the whole supply chain. Moreover, MARUBENI LOGISTICS CORPORATION will be a true 3PL company, free from national borders and rigid logistics territories.


Incorporated : December, 2004 (*)
Head Office : 13, Kanda-nishikicho 3-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
TEL : 81-3-3219-1511
Number of Employees : 1,350 (as of October 1, 2016)
Paid-in Capital : 200 million yen
Marubeni Group’s Investment Ratio : 100%
Website :

(*) Logipartners Inc. engaged in domestic logistics merged with the former Marubeni Logistics Corporation dealing with international logistics on April 1, 2015 (the surviving company is Logipartners Inc. established in December 2004).

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