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ARTERIA Networks Corporation

Business content

Telecommunications business, data communication service business, data center business, telecommunications construction business

An ICT service provider with a fiber-optic network behind the three mega-carriers in Japan

  • Tomitaro Anzai, President *

ARTERIA Networks Corporation (“ARTERIA Networks”) is a provider of internet access and other ICT services — indispensable social infrastructure of the modern world. ARTERIA Networks was established by the merger of Marubeni Access Solutions Inc. (a B2B company) and UCOM Corporation (a B2C company) in February 2014, and develops its business by utilizing the synergy generated by the strengths of these companies.

Main services of ARTERIA Networks

For businesses
  • Internet access
  • Intranet / VPN
  • Leased Circuit (Ethernet) access
  • Data center
  • Mobile Device Management
  • IP Telephone / Fixed Telephone
  • Security / Network Monitoring Solution
For individuals
  • Internet access
  • IP Telephone / Fixed Telephone
  • Mobile Internet access
  • Electricity batch distribution

The three strengths of ARTERIA Networks are:

1. A large fiber-optic network

ARTERIA Networks has a fiber-optic network spanning 8,200 km and covers more than 90% of domestic demand. This network ranks fourth largest in size after those of the three major telecommunication carriers, NTT, KDDI and Softbank.

Another company strength is the ability to quickly customize its network to meet customer needs.

2. A leading internet service provider

ARTERIA Networks boasts the No. 1* share in the market supplying complete fiber-optic internet connection services to condominiums and complex housing. As an industry leader, ARTERIA Networks is actively pursuing efforts in other areas such as new product development in collaboration with developers and home appliance manufacturers.

*As of March, 2015. MM Research Institute.

3. High-quality service backed by an extensive track record

ARTERIA Networks was the sixth company in Japan to obtain a business license to supply clients with internet connections. The company has a long history in the industry and is highly evaluated for providing services backed by an extensive track record.

In addition to these strengths, ARTERIA Networks, which has its own facilities, is praised for its high performance in connection quality, service flexibility, and other areas.

Innovating the industry and pursuing growth

“Innovating the industry.” The strategy of ARTERIA Networks is not to compete with the three major telecommunication carriers on scale, but to continue innovating the industry and growing by providing unique services and detailed solutions.

An example of this is to provide efficient networks in anticipation of IoT (1*) and M2M (2*). ARTERIA Networks will also create new services that utilize its capital, such as the networks it has developed over the years, in response to the growing need for customers wanting to connect to “the cloud”. Also, by fully working with the Marubeni Group, ARTERIA Networks is also considering to provide services out of reach of the three major telecommunication carriers.

Under the keyword “Growth”, ARTERIA Networks will contribute to the development of society through the provision of ICT services.

  • *1:Internet of Things: Connecting various physical objects to the internet.
  • *2:Machine to Machine: Exchange of information between network-connected machines without the need for human involvement.

ARTERIA Networks Corporation

Incorporated November, 1997
Head Office Sumitomo Fudosan Mita Twin Bldg., East Wing, 4-2-8, Shibaura, Minato-Ku, Tokyo
TEL 81-3-6821-1881
Number of Employees 711 (as of March, 2016)
Paid-in Capital 5,608 million yen
Marubeni Group’s Investment Ratio 50%

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