Introducing Marubeni Group Companies

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Marubeni Paper Recycle Co., Ltd.

Business content

  • Domestic trading, import, export, and third-country trading of recovered paper
  • Business investment in recovered paper packing plants
  • Planning and proposing paper recycling systems
  • Sales of domestic and imported pulp

Sustainable paper recycle & procurement system taking advantage of Marubeni's network

  • Nobuyuki Ihara, President & CEO

Paper is a material suited for recycling. Recovering used paper and producing recycled paper not only reduces waste, but also promotes the effective utilization of resources. Marubeni Paper Recycle (MPR) focuses on paper recycling business in cooperation with Marubeni's group companies, Well Corporation, Koa Kogyo Co., Ltd., Fukuyama Paper Co., Ltd., and Marusumi Paper Co., Ltd., as well as paper manufacturers and recovered paper packers.

Recovered paper has been exported to China and South East Asia as an international commodity. MPR provides the latest market information using Marubeni's global network.

Proposals for paper recycling systems

MPR proposes the most suitable solution of paper recycling for clients in Japan. We are able to recover paper from your offices and factories under optimum conditions and also provide recycled paper products back to your facilities.

Confidential documents as resources

MPR is pleased to take proper care of your confidential documents, and collaborate with reliable recovered paper packers. We are confident that recycling confidential paper satisfies both “security” and the “environment”.

Marubeni Paper Recycle Co., Ltd.

Incorporated February, 2001
Head Office Tokyo Nihombashi Tower, 7-1, Nihonbashi 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-6060, Japan
TEL 81-3-3282-4497
Number of Employees 13 (as of April, 2016)
Paid-in Capital 200 million yen
Marubeni Group’s Investment Ratio 100%
Website (Japanese only)

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