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Laem Chabang and Pattaya / Thailand

A Port and Resort Renowned Throughout the World

Genta Karube / Eastern Sea Laem Chabang Terminal Co., Ltd.

Located some 130 kilometers from the capital of Bankok, Laem Chabang Port is the largest trading port in Thailand, and one of the 20 largest in the world.

Eastern Sea Laem Chabang Terminal Co., Ltd., the company where I work during my transfer, has managed an area of the container terminal since the opening of the port in 1991, and it marks its 20th anniversary this year. Laem Chabang Port continues to expand today, and it supports the development of the trading nation of Thailand.

If you go about 30 kilometers south of Laem Chabang, you will find the city of Pattaya, which may be familiar to some of you, as it is the place where the TV personality Ai Haruna (born Kenji Onishi) won the grand prize at the New Half Contest (transgender beauty pageant).

Used by the US Armed Forces as an area for R & R during the Vietnam War, Pattaya has developed into a world-famous resort area. With men and women of all ages gathered from the West, China, the Middle East, India, and countries throughout the world relaxing comfortably here day and night, Pattaya has a characteristic atmosphere.

In the suburbs of Pattaya, on the other hand, there are peaceful and beautiful beaches such as Jomtien Beach  and Ko Lan Island , fruit orchards featuring all-you-can-eat durian and mango, elephant villages where you can climb onto an elephant and go trekking, and more such places that children can enjoy.

This is also a wonderful environment for golf, with the LPGA season opener held at the Siam Country Club Pattaya Old Course , the Laem Chabang international, which was designed by Jack Nicklaus, and other such top notch golf courses—and no matter which course, all of them feature personal caddies who give individual service which amounts to an enjoyable golfing experience.

The most festive of all events in Pattaya is the Songkran  Water Festival. Sognkran is the Thai Lunar New Year and they have a custom of throwing water on each other in this celebration throughout the country.

This custom runs for about a week starting on April 13 in Pattaya, and the scene on the last day becomes a half crazed battlefield. Kids carrying water pistols (which squirt a stream that is about twice as strong as those in Japan) loaded onto carrier pickup tracks go on the offensive, ice water is thrown from bars, Caucasian tourists are smeared with mud—just walking a bit outside will get you soaked with water and mud!

This kind of devil-may-care behavior is legally sanctioned during the Songkran period, so those of you coming to Thailand during this time, please be very careful.

Marubeni Group magazine "M-SPIRIT" VOL.64 (July, 2011)

  • The beautifully maintained Laem Chabang Port
  • Festive Songkran
  • Signboard in Pattaya. Crossing by tour boats and motor boats to Ko Lan Island
  • Siam Country Club Pattaya Old Course Ninth Hole

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