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Caracas / Venezuela

From Caracas to the "Paradise on Earth" of Los Roques

Hideo Kitamura / Marubeni Venezuela C.A.

 In Caracas where the traffic is not very organized, you have to drive carefully while constantly paying attention to the surroundings.
 Apart from the traffic, you can fully enjoy dining at restaurants and playing golf as long as you live in Caracas.

 Caracas has a multitude of restaurants, which serve delicious meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and alcohol such as rum or wine with a good atmosphere. Venezuela is the eighth largest crude oil producer in the world, and the existence of an extravagance-loving wealthy class in the country attracts a number of chefs from various countries. Among them, Italian, Spanish and French cuisine are said to be the most delicious in South America. It is difficult to stop going around eating in the restaurants, although putting on weight is a constant worry.

 Golf can be enjoyed year-round due to the favorable climate. Though it is called a perpetual summer, Caracas is far from being humid and its amenity is comparable to “Karuizawa in the summer” because of its location of 1,000 meter-high plateau. Rare tropical plants grow thickly, and colorful flowers bloom. I can feel happy just by walking around a leafy golf course (even if my score is bad).

 Also, another pleasure for Japanese rotation staff and their families is travel. One of domestic tourist destinations that I recommend is the Los Roques Islands. The atoll is dotted with coral reef islands, and there are pure white sandy beaches, emerald green waters, pelicans, and flocks of wild birds such as the frigate bird, which make the Los Roques “paradise on earth.” There are no leisure facilities such as luxury hotels, restaurants, or casinos that one usually sees in tourist spots around the Caribbean Sea. There are only rustic inns, with no televisions, and showers that produce little heated water. However, with beauty of coral reefs, quality of water, and variety and number of fish that lead the world, you won’t grow tired of them no matter how many nights you stay. Unfortunately, words and photographs are not enough to express how beautiful this place is. The quiet shallow sea spreads out and one can visit a few uninhabited islands by yacht or cruiser. Besides, it is a perfect place for sea bathing for children.

 Under the star-filled sky, dinner with notable fresh giant spiny lobsters and some rum will definitely make you totally refreshed.

Marubeni Group magazine "M-SPIRIT" VOL.40 (July, 2007)

  • A fresh giant spiny lobster
  • A fine steak

  • The pasta topped with parmesan cheese is also recommended.
  • Visiting islands on luxury yachts and cruisers
  • The beautiful sunset of the Caribbean Sea

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