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Monterrey / Mexico

The hot climate, passionate people, and thick steaks are here waiting for you!

Sakae Kishikawa / Transportation Machinery Division

With an area roughly five times the size of Japan, Mexico boasts the eleventh largest population in the world – some 120 million – and the largest population in the Spanish-speaking world. Monterrey is located in the northern part of the country, it is the capital of the state of Nuevo León, and it has a population of about four million. It is the third largest city, after Mexico City and Guadalajara. Monterrey continues to grow as an industrial city, including the expansion of American and Japanese companies, and the city is lined with office buildings and bustling shopping malls. Turning to look at the scenery of Monterrey, the town is surrounded by the Sierra Madre mountain range, with magnificent cliffs that were carved in the limestone mountains through weathering over many years, and in recent years it has become a famous rock climbing spot.

Sure enough, the greatest pastime for Mexicans is soccer, and there are two soccer club teams here in Monterrey. Of these, C.F. Monterrey – commonly known as the Rayados, or striped ones (after the stripes on their uniforms) – represented North and Central America for three years straight from 2011 at the Club World Cup, so this name should be familiar to anyone who loves soccer! When the two club teams face off in the Monterrey Derby, not only the stadium, but also the whole city, restaurants, and bars are packed with soccer fans showing extraordinary zeal.

Now, when you talk about Mexican food, tacos and burritos come to mind for most people, but the local specialty in Monterrey is definitely steak! Thick, hearty meat is exquisitely grilled with rock salt, and when you eat it with salsa, it is so delicious that it is incredibly hard to capture in words. Once you have experienced this sublime flavor, you certainly run the risk that no other place will do anymore....

Summer vacation season is upon us again this year, everyone. How about coming to enjoy a trip encountering the hot Mexico/Monterrey, passionate people, and the thick steak that probably match your expectations? We're waiting for you!

Marubeni Group magazine "M-SPIRIT" VOL.82 (July, 2014)

  • Sierra Madre Mountain Range
  • Town scenery
  • The generous portions of the local specialty steaks

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