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Recommended Spots in Hong Kong

Hitoki Watanabe / Power Projects Division

* In this column, Marubeni Group staff members provide a glimpse of the cities in which they are living and working.

Welcome to Hong Kong, the gateway to China and the whole world! Hong Kong, where a sophisticated metropolis exquisitely coexists with the traditional way of life, is a very popular tourist destination. Now, many low-cost carriers fly between Japan and Hong Kong, enabling casual visits over the weekend. As a five-year resident in Hong Kong, I would like to introduce the recommended spots in the city.

■ Encounter with Kung Fu

For some, the actor Bruce Lee may immediately cross your mind when you think of Hong Kong. The largest Bruce Lee statue in Hong Kong is a must-see, standing at the entrance of the Hong Kong Heritage Museum.

■ Nature Beyond the City

Despite its urban image, Hong Kong is actually surrounded by nature. Charter a cruiser for a boat trip out into the sea, or go hiking or camping on the mountains—easy access to outdoor activities is an attractive feature of the place. So consider going on an excursion when you visit Hong Kong. I’m sure you’ll have wonderful discoveries. The other day, I held my breath as I spotted a wild boar in the mountains.

The Victoria Peak, famous for its “million dollar night view,” can be climbed in just about an hour. It’s definitely great at night, but I also recommend a climb during the day.

■ Treat Yourself at a Stylish Bar!

After a day’s work or sightseeing, you might want to go out for drinks with your colleagues or friends. Since liquor is tax free in Hong Kong, great beer and wine come from all around the world, and you will find many stylish bars with an open atmosphere. If you have a glass too many and miss the last train, no problem. The taxi fare is much cheaper than in Japan. This might be the most appealing point...

Though a miscellaneous and somewhat disorganized introduction, I hope this piece has given you the feel for Hong Kong with its many facets.

So please come for a visit.

Marubeni Group communication site “MS+ (MS Plus)” (May 2, 2016)

  • Bruce Lee statue at the entrance of Hong Kong Heritage Museum
  • Popular hiking course “Dragon’s Back”
  • Boat trip at Sai Kung
  • A “million dollar night view”, even with conservation in effect
  • Typical Hong Kong streets in Mongkok

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