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Warsaw (2) / Poland

The town where the music of Chopin flows

Keishi Kinoshita / Marubeni Motors Poland Sp.zo.o.

Warsaw, Capital of the Republic of Poland: located in Central and Eastern Europe, with no direct flights to and from Japan, no direct trains to the international airport, and no metropolitan freeway. Although there is not much information in guidebooks and the like, and the country is not the one that Japanese can easily call up an image about, I would like to introduce some of its features.

When you enter “Poland” into a search engine, through predictive conversion the results that would come up first right now would be “Polish tableware.” The tableware that is made in the southwestern town of Boleslawiec can be used in microwave ovens, ovens, and dishwashers, and it is very popular in Europe and the US. This tableware is becoming increasingly popular and featured in cookbooks and the like in Japan as well, but if you buy it in Japan, it is about 30 to 40% more expensive. Incidentally, if you are invited to a party at the home of other Japanese people, you will surely encounter an array of Polish tableware on display.

Above all, the most inextricable aspect of Poland is the composer Chopin. A native of Warsaw, Chopin is beloved by the people of Poland, and concerts are held every weekend in Łazienski Park—which features Chopin’s home and a bench playing his music—you can have a sublime holiday, spending your time on leisurely reading and the like, as you listen to the music of Chopin.

It is also Poland, however, that has Auschwitz—which conveys the history of hardship today—as if to tell visitors to never let this tragic history be repeated. While Poland has a long history among the great powers of the world, the people take pride in preserving their native language of Polish, and they are thrilled when you speak to them in the Polish that you have just learned, rather than in English.

Also, as Poland will co-host the 2012 European Soccer Championship with Ukraine, the city of Warsaw has shown a surge in activity. 100,000 fans are expected to gather at the public viewing venue on the days that the Polish team plays in the championship. This also serves as an opportunity to develop infrastructure services, and we can expect to see new aspects going forward as well.

Marubeni Group magazine "M-SPIRIT" VOL.70 (July, 2012)

  • Polish tableware that is made in the southwestern town of Boleslawiec
  • Lazienski Park
  • Chopin's home
  • The Palace of Culture and Science

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