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Adelaide / Australia

A regular among the top ten “Most Livable Cities in the World” where you can enjoy a meaningful life

Takeshi Kurioka / Osmoflo Holdings Pty Ltd.

Located in the south-central part of the Australia continent, Adelaide has a population of 1.1 million.

While Australia was historically a penal colony of the U.K., Adelaide was established in 1836 as the first city for free immigration in Australia. The city center is systematically divided in a grid, which is surrounded by vast parks making the most of the natural environment. Old churches and clock towers from the pioneer days are in harmony with the modern buildings, creating a beautiful, calm atmosphere in the city.

Most of the locals have a sunny and sociable disposition, and they are always easygoing and optimistic (this might go for Australians in general, as well). Although there are no skyscrapers or gorgeous commercial facilities, and you won’t find the convenience of a metropolis bustling with people, goods, and information, Adelaide has a wonderful environment where you can enjoy a spiritually rich life through the connection that people have with nature here. In fact, sure enough, Adelaide ranks every year in the top ten “Most Livable Cities in the World” that are featured annually in The Economist magazine.

Boasting a history of over 140 years, the Central Market is one of the favorite spots among locals, and it is a famous tourist attraction as well. The huge marketplace features more than 80 shops lined up across vast grounds, it is always bustling with people, and there is an abundance of fresh ingredients.

In addition, as wine connoisseurs know well, Adelaide is very famous for its wine. Sixty percent of Australian wine is produced in South Australia, and the fact that you can visit the world famous wineries of Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale in less than an hour by car from the city center is one of the attractions of Adelaide.

Lastly, the number one water treatment engineering company in Australia, Osmoflo—in which Marubeni acquired an equity stake in 2011—has its headquarters in Adelaide. Currently, there are two Marubeni people living and working on assignment here, including your humble writer, and we eagerly welcome all of you to come and visit Adelaide!

Marubeni Group magazine "M-SPIRIT" VOL.78 (November, 2013)

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