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Marubeni's Business Organization

Wide range of business with 16 divisions in six groups.

6 Groups 16 Divisions Major Products and Areas
Food Grain Grains in general (corn, soybeans, wheat, rapeseed, etc.); Feed ingredients (soybean meal, rapeseed meal, fish meal, etc.); Compound feed
Food Products Consumer-use food products, commercial-use food materials, and agricultural resources; Marine products, processed seafood, and fresh and processed meat; Raw ingredients for food (flour, sugar, oils and fats, etc.); Raw materials for beverages (coffee, tea, fruit juice, etc.)
Consumer Products Lifestyle Apparel, uniforms, and household goods; Raw materials for textiles and industrial materials; Footwear and office machinery
ICT, Logistics & Healthcare Systems solutions; Network solutions; Mobile handset sales agents; Third-party logistics and international logistics; Health care & medical business
Insurance, Finance & Real Estate Business Insurance and reinsurance; Fund and J-REIT management; Property management; Domestic and overseas housing development
Chemical &
Forest Products
Agri-Input Business Sales of agri-inputs (crop protection products, fertilizers, seeds, Helena-brand products); Subcontracting services for fertilization and crop protection products dispersion; Provision of precision agriculture and other technical services; Contract crop protection products formulation; Fertilizer raw material
Chemical Products Basic Petrochemical Products and plastic derivatives; Salt and Chlor-alkali products; Life Science products like Feed Functional Materials, Oleochemicals, Functional Food Resources; Electronic Components, Inorganic Mineral Resources, Fertilizer Materials and Inorganic Chemicals
Forest Products Wood chips and biomass fuel; Pulp and waste paper; Paper and paperboard; Building & construction materials such as plywood and cement
Energy & Metals Energy Development and production of LNG; Exploration, development, and production of oil and gas resources; Oil and gas trading; Oil and gas sales and distribution; Exploration, development, and production of uranium resources; Uranium trading; Sales of equipment for nuclear power plants and provision of related services
Steel Products Steel product trading and business investment; Leasing of temporary steel construction materials
Metals & Mineral Resources Mine development of iron ore, coal, and copper; Smelting and refining of aluminum; Trading of iron ore, coal, ferroalloy, and ferrous raw materials; Trading of non-ferrous and light metal, ingot, and related products
Power Business & Plant Power Business Overseas I(W)PP projects; EPC for overseas power projects; Power plant operation and maintenance services; Domestic power generation and PPS businesses
Plant Investments in transportation infrastructure projects (railway, road, port, airport, etc.); EPC for railway systems; EPC for industrial plants (steel, cement, forest products, sugar, textiles, etc.); Oil, gas, and chemical industry infrastructure projects; Construction and financing of oil, gas, and chemical plants and infrastructure; Overseas water businesses (drinking water, wastewater treatment, desalination, etc.); EPC, Operation & Maintenance for overseas water facility projects
Transportation & Industrial Machinery Aerospace & Ship Operating leases of aircraft and engines, risk- and revenue-sharing program participation for aircraft and engines, and aircraft parts trading; Sales representatives for commercial aircraft sheet, engines, maintenance, repairs, and operations (MRO) services and defense systems, and export and support services for defense forces; Sale and purchase, chartering, and shipowning of merchant ships; Shipowning and chartering of LNG carriers, and investments in offshore businesses
Automotive & Leasing Mobility service related projects; Export and offshore trading of automobiles and motorcycles; Automobile import & sales agents and dealerships; Retail finance for automobiles and motorcycles; New and after-market automobile parts trading business; Leasing and non-bank financing business
Construction & Industrial Machinery Sales, services, and financing of construction machinery and mining machinery; Rubber products & raw materials distribution; Sales and peripheral businesses related to automotive production line and machine tools; Sales of industrial machinery and investment in related business

(As of April 1, 2018)

Non-resource Ratio (Net Income)

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